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Mac OS 9.2.2 & X 10.2.1 (PowerBook G4 Titanium 867MHz/1GHz)

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For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Software bundled with a TiBook 1GHz.

The Restore DVD takes three stages to complete the restore:
a) The first pass restores a vanilla installation of Jaguar (10.2.1) to the hard drive
b) The second pass installs the Extras application
c) Running the Extras application gives a checklist of additional apps and OS 9 to select from to install.

Most of the additional apps require Jaguar and no longer run once updated to Panther or later, so are of dubious value for most users.
OS 9 is restored to the same volume as Jaguar to run in a dual boot configuration. There is no installer.

For those who prefer to run a later version of OS X and would rather have OS 9 on a separate volume, I would recommend to skip the Restore DVD and download a separate OS 9 restore CD I have created from the TiBook Restore DVD here:

This is a bootable OS 9 CD and allows you to drag and drop the OS 9 files onto a volume of your choice.

Direct link to the CD here:

Installation Guide

The Restore DVD has been created in Leopard PPC and split into segments using Split and Concat v2.5. Zipping has been done using Leopard's inbuilt archiver.

1. Unzip and combine the parts using either Split and Concat, Ajoiner, MacHacha or The Unarchiver. Other apps may work equally well and hardcore users can use Terminal commands.
2. After the above you should be left with a single file approx. 2.6GB in size ending in .cdr. Macintoshgarden's server has renamed the zip files on uploading. If the resulting combined image file ends in an underscore, you might need to remove that.
3. IMPORTANT: Before you do anything else, lock the file. Right-click on the .cdr image and select Get Info. Tick the Locked checkbox. Done. Disk Utility has a habit of writing a few bytes to unlocked files that it mounts and this can render the image irreparably unbootable. Early Mac OS X images (10.0-10.2) are particularly prone to corruption in this way. For safety's sake hang onto the zipped files until you have successfully recreated a bootable image and tested it to save on re-downloading.
4. After locking burn to a DVD (preferably DVD-R if using a G4's inbuilt burner) using Disk Utility. I have memories of Toast creating coaster after coaster of Jaguar discs back in the day.

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Compatible with PowerBook G4 Titanium 867MHz or 1GHz (A1025)


astromaddie's picture
by astromaddie - 2021, April 8 - 1:33am

I've tried installing this to my A1025 1GHZ G4 twice now, and it works up until I try rebooting to OS9. I install 10.2, boot to the system, install the Mac apps and OS9, then did a test reboot. Once I switched the startup disk to OS9, it starts booting up, gets to a grey screen, then immediately reboots, and I get a ? missing system error. I also can't seem to get back to OSX without successfully booting into OS9, so the entire install is borked. Any suggestions?

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, April 30 - 1:48pm

Welcome superpantoufle,

I wonder if your TiBook is one of the "targeted" by these discs here. At least, you can install Jaguar from this page.

superpantoufle's picture
by superpantoufle - 2019, April 29 - 6:06pm

I was stuck in Leopard on my TiBook with no way to downgrade it to Jaguar, since it obviously wouldn't boot with the retail 10.2 discs. I even installed 10.2 and the 10.2.8 combo update in target mode from an iBook, but it wouldn't boot either.
Now my TiBook is a collector's item, back in its original state! Thanks a lot for sharing!

devin-os9's picture
by devin-os9 - 2018, March 30 - 3:06am

Awesome! Thank you, my Ti-Book is now complete.

Make sure to use Disk Utility to burn these rather than Toast. My PPC versions of Toast did not create bootalbe DVD or CD media, but disk utility under 10.4.11 did.

butterburger's picture
by butterburger - 2016, July 20 - 7:49pm

Thank you for sharing. This contains FAXstf X 10.0. I tried to get it working, but it did not list any addresses/numbers to dial. Oh well, it was worth a try.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, June 6 - 2:09am

@Troyd: 1st up - Thank you for taking the time to upload the Ti 1GHz disks and going the extra mile to re-up them again. It is really appreciated because this set is very rare and it was important to archive a pristine copy of this particular installation set.

[Edit] The re-ups for all disks, including the AHT & Airport .cdr replacements are now perfect.

Thank you again for this collection.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, June 2 - 10:20pm

   Will delete and reupload as a .CDR.

Thanks, the .cdr looks good. Would you also replace the AHT & Airport .dmg's, please? Both above were written to by the OS during creation (the AHT may not be bootable in this case) and unwritten to copies of original media whenever possible are always preferred.

   Macintoshgarden's server has renamed the zip files on uploading. If the resulting combined image file ends in an underscore, you might need to remove that.

These part files unzip with their original filenames intact (no underscore characters to manually remove), all OK.

Just noting (for future reference) these parted file types don't require further treatment before uploading, such as archiving as .zip or .sit, etc;, Part file names ending in .001, .002, etc;, can be uploaded as is (tho' file size can be reduced by further compression, CD/DVD media generally contain already compressed files).

For those wanting to play with Terminal to recombine the part files, move the unzipped parts, .001, 002, & .003 into an empty folder. Then via Terminal, cd into the folder of part files and type the following command (hitting Enter key after):

cat T*.* > TiBookA1025RestoreDVD.cdr

Troyd's picture
by Troyd - 2016, June 1 - 7:06am

It is just a command line split DMG. Nothing fancy and there are plenty of others already on this site. It seems I had forgotten to lock before testing. As this is Jaguar, the likelihood is that it has become unblessed. Later releases are a bit more forgiving. Will delete and reupload as a .CDR.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, May 31 - 10:03pm

Thanks. "Just a bog-standard split DMG file." <- First one I've come across Smile

The .dmg will recreate a bootable DVD? Sorry for the dumb Q's - I'm more familiar with .iso, .cdr, .toast (+ StuffIt segmented or command-line parted files) when creating images of bootable disks.

[Edit] The zip extraction and mounting .dmg parts works fine. But, the creation & modification dates of the mounted disk tell me this image has been modified by the OS while creating the .dmg (I locked all parts before mounting). It is not a byte for byte carbon copy of the original DVD.

I don't have a T-Book to test this on, so cannot tell if this image can restore to a bootable DVD or not.

Troyd's picture
by Troyd - 2016, May 31 - 10:00pm

No instructions needed. Just a bog-standard split DMG file. Just unzip and double click on the first part and Disk Utility Mounter will do the rest.

Except that I now see that Macintoshgarden has auto renamed the first part adding an _0 to the first part. Remove that so that the first part ends in .dmg. Remove also the final underscores in the AirPort and AHT files after unzipping so that both these also end in .dmg

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, May 31 - 9:53pm

Lovely. Any instructions required for re-combining these part files? e.g. method used for splitting/re-joining? Renaming of parts required? etc;. Thank you.