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PowerBook 1400 BookCover Templates

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PB1400_BookCover_Tmplt-01.tgz (17.42 KB)
MD5: 5e4408c7b0b328e41009abb9de6bbc20
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PB1400_3BookCovers.tgz (8.85 MB)
MD5: 4e9b881e96fcbdf6b3c28de19896a79b
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PB1400_orig_BookCovers.tgz (171.05 MB)
MD5: 65dee43d153493bcf39b9757381d6050
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The PowerBook 1400 had a unique transparent lid under which users could display artwork to give their Book some bling. Several ready-made inserts were included, and the 1400 preload carried a template for designing your own. (There were also third-party options, like a solar panel lid that would extend battery life!)

First hosted file, PB1400_BookCover_Tmplt-01.tgz:
Apple loaded a PostScript template in PowerBook 1400. You can use the BookCover Template to create your own artwork to personalize your PowerBook 1400 series computer.

cksum, SHA-1:
4108789690 17835 *PB1400_BookCover_Tmplt-01.tgz
4f5e1530f3b85b1ae455fa77e432af409138a256 *PB1400_BookCover_Tmplt-01.tgz
2761028055 69570 *BookCover_Template.eps
060dcabb9ef85d0124082f2931e6bd5242f15921 *BookCover_Template.eps

Second download above:
Keiji Ito - original BookCover
Pink pattern - original BookCover
Michael Bartalos - Latin Jazz BookCover

Third download above:
All 6 frontside bookcovers, all 6 backside bookcovers, 2 envelope pics (high resolution png)



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by os9er - 2017, November 12 - 10:49pm

This is awesome, just bought a PowerBook 1400cs/117 and then found this Smile Thanks!

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by butterburger - 2015, June 18 - 6:15am

Thank you, MikeatOS9!