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Mac OS 9.2.2 & X 10.3.2 (Power Mac G4 MDD 2003)

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (2.48 GB)
MD5: ee5c39090a7daac513e5e38ee5011943
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (2.89 GB)
MD5: 5d00f7ac9845b20e530ebc039a6d7eb5
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
OS9General.dmg (478.44 MB)
MD5: 3fd4ed551828c1cf4fe61c71d6e44932
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (581.21 MB)
MD5: 10fb15a6f562e9b44bd504501e162db9
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
PowerMac_Software.zip_.001 (700.00 MB)
MD5: 7f913055061527ba85b6f37d79c00561
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
PowerMac_Software.zip_.002 (700.00 MB)
MD5: 2875596c715059385dd14236eb824cbd
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
PowerMac_Software.zip_.003 (700.00 MB)
MD5: ac1c70f57d4077e79000101c3b8aae09
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
PowerMac_Software.zip_.004 (700.00 MB)
MD5: e8c941237b1a63e7ee898c05a2bd2103
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
PowerMac_Software.zip_.005 (667.88 MB)
MD5: 2d1efd935970fe0ce216986d3bda6af5
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
OS9General_INTERNATIONAL_Z018-1133.xmg_.dmg (421.65 MB)
MD5: c6fe34703b8e2b0b66edb7b088f8c125
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Z691-4681-A_Power_Mac_G4._Software_Install_and_Restore._Mac_OS_v10.3._AHT_v2.0.2._Disc_v1.0.iso (4.03 GB)
MD5: a4c0168e27a85a37083a83fe101f6f26
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors 2003) Install & Restore Discs

1st download is which contains Mac OS X 10.3.2 and Mac OS 9.2.2. Apple Hardware Test 2.0.2 for Power Mac is included. To boot to Apple Hardware Test on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors 2003), hold down 'Option' at startup to access the boot manager.

2nd download is The disc primarily contains GarageBand and iDVD restores for OS X. Mount this volume and look in /Volumes/Restore DVD/.images and those are the only two files of substance present on the disc. On the root level of the disc, there is Apple documentation how to perform a full software restore on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors 2003).

If folks are only looking for the special Mac OS 9.2.2 build that can boot up on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors 2003, a "formal" install of OS X and restore is not necessary.

On the first disc, there is a hidden .images folder at the root level of the disc. The OS9General.dmg (contained in that folder) contains OS 9.2.2 files and apps for that model. You can pull a copy of the DMG out of that folder, open it in OS X and copy the OS 9.2.2 files/apps to whichever volume you like. You could probably also use Disk Copy 6.5b13 to open this DMG in OS 9.2.2 itself (unsure of that).

Third Download is OS9General.dmg is Mac OS 9.2.2 from
I can confirm this OS9General.dmg will not open in Mac OS 9.2.2. I tried Disk copy to open in Mac OS 9.2.2. It said error -50. When I tried the open the file with Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility to open the file. It said system resources in Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility and failed to open. Then I tried Roxio Toast Titanium 5.2.3 and it failed to open. Use Disk Utility to burn this to DVD or Burn it to Toast to DVD.

For the really geeky in this group, what makes this build of OS 9.2.2 special is that it contains within it CPU Software 5.9 which is the last-known version of Mac OS CPU Software. Mac OS CPU Software along with an updated copy of Drive Setup was what Apple used to allow these machines from 2003 to boot OS 9.2.2 long after OS 9.2.2 was originally released in December of 2001.

Fourth Download is Restore is All documents for Restore CD for Power mac G4 mirror door 2003. And Mount this volume and look in /Volumes/Restore CD/.images is one item is Dev Tools.dmg

Fifth download to 9th download which contains Mac OS X 10.3 and Mac OS 9.2.2. Apple Hardware Test 2.0.2 for Power Mac is included**. To boot to Apple Hardware Test on a Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors 2003), hold down 'Option' at startup to access the boot manager.

10th Download : The International English version of OS9General.dmg. CPU Software Z-5.8, with ROM 10.2.1. Copied from Z691-4681-A (the 10.3.0 disc)

11th Download : The International English 10.3.0 disc itself (Z691-4681-A). Unfortunately, only disc 1 of 2 is available

**Here are those small downloadable extractions of AHT for the MirrorDoors:

Architecture: PPC



SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 5 - 10:27am

Developer Xcode Tools v1.0 with CHUD v3.0.0 is on the OSX 10.3.0 disc #2 of its pair of discs.
Developer Xcode Tools v1.1 with CHUD v3.0.1 is on the OSX 10.3.2 disc #1 of its pair of discs.
Both CHUD pkgs announce that they are v3.0.0 but I manually inspected their version plists and the newer really is v3.0.1

The "CHUD Remover" is bad that comes with v3.0.0 , it has bugs and typos in its script which gets fixed in the CHUD Remover that comes with v3.0.1 ~ I've compared them manually. Both removers look same like v1.0 or v1.0.2 in plists however the repaired remover is 1000 bytes larger than the bad one.

CHUD's "hwprefs" differ v300 vs v301 in how they report a profile of MDD2003 operating OSX 10.2.8 as either "Jaguar" (by CHUD v301) or "Smeagol" (by CHUD v300).

Maybe divide this page into two pages, OSes 10.3.0 vs 10.3.2

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2018, April 4 - 9:56pm

You can burn the Power_Mac_Software.Toast to DVD in a External USB DVD. My computer is MDD 2003. It will not accept DVD-R but External USB DVD can accept DVD-R. Use Toast to Burn it to DVD.

the_m-pire's picture
by the_m-pire - 2018, April 3 - 9:19pm

I was wandering how I could get my MDD up and running with 9.2.2 lacking the possibility to burn CDs or DVDs. After some googling and fiddling around I succeeded by doing the following:

I downloaded the aforementioned files to my current workhorse running Sierra. I unzipped "" and doubleclicked the .toast file to mount the volume (yep, OS X can do this just out of the box!).

Using the terminal I did the following to copy the bootable 9.2.2 image out of the mounted DVD Volume
cp /Volumes/Restore\ DVD/.images/OS9General.dmg ~/Desktop/OS9General.dmg

Next, I converted the .dmg to .iso:
hdiutil convert ~/Desktop/OS9General.dmg -format UDTO -o ~/Desktop/OS9General.iso
mv ~/Desktop/OS9General.iso.cdr ~/Desktop/OS9General.iso

I took an old 2GB USB Pendrive and used Etcher ( to write my ISO to the Pendrive (could have done it via dd in terminal, but Etcher is just too easy and so stylish!). Somewhere I read that Etcher should work with .dmg files as well, but it didn't. Anyway, converting to .iso wasn't too hard!

Then I plugged the pendrive into on of the USB ports on the backside of my G4 MDD M8787D/A. I held [alt] after the startup chime and the pendrive showed up after a little while (be patient!). The speed couldn't really impress me, but it booted to the desktop without problems giving me the opportunity to set up the internal drive from within OS 9 in the next step.

I didn't find to much about how to prepare stuff on a contemporary machine, so I thought, I'ld share this one. In case everybody already knew, just roll your eyes and scroll your way Wink

Next thing I'll try: I have an old USB to IDE converter. Should work almost like this in theory besides that I would really have to write the .iso image to the hard drive using "dd" from the command line as Etcher only works with removable media if I'm not mistaken…

ajp's picture
by ajp - 2017, August 30 - 2:43pm

Unfortunately, the install disk won't boot for a dual-1GHz non-2003 MDD.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2017, March 26 - 8:43pm

SkyCapt The Mirror door has noisy fans and they are known to have. You might need a new fan. It might fix the heatsink and fan. I think your fan not working right. The new fan will help the computer keep cool.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, March 26 - 7:29pm

Me again - this computer MDD is one of Apple's or Motorola's notorious lame "CPU Nap Mode" issues, and, AHT v2.0.2 (and v1 also) runs without activating CPU Nap. This means if you spend 1 hour or 2 hours or 3 hours running AHT RAM tests, then the CPU will suffer maximum heat output the whole while. So when nursing an MDD machine back to health, tune up the CPU cooling 1st before using AHT to check RAM.

If you boot older versions of OS 9.2 then CPU Nap will also stay off. I've owned this model since it was new and never found a single (good) reason why nap mode should be off, the power wasted and heat created is like transcoding with altivec, the max, it can't be healthy for the tower nonstop. OS 9.2 requires the correct version of this file:
"System Folder/Extensions/Multiprocessing/Apple CPU Plugins"
to activate CPU Nap mode during boot of OS9.

To test nap mode you could tape a digital thermometer to the CPU heatsink, I find the built in temperature sensors too varied to talk about them as if one size fits all... OSX 10.3 and higher does NOT need CPU Nap Mode correction when run on MDD2003. Now I'm not sure if when MDD2003 is rewound to run OSX 10.2.8, I should test OSX 10.2.8's nap mode behavior...

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 24 - 4:23am

It's fairly confusing, howabout rearranging the download ordering to be first 10.3.2 disc one (already is), then 10.3.2 disc two DVD (identified as such), then 10.3.0 disc one, then 10.3.0 disc two CD (identified as such), followed lastly by miscellany such as the lone OS9General.dmg file, apparently taken from 10.3.0 but "ought" to be identical to that of 10.3.2 - and the AHTv2.0.2 9MB raw (having hidden files) image file could become the last download. That AHT image can be burned to CD or DVD and will boot (and can also be made to boot from magnetic media). Admittedly a massaged AHT image which can also be opened and installed from in OS9 as well as OSX would be sweet. The hidden file status should be removed from everything except .DS_store and .Trashes , and formed into an image using OS9 Disk Copy v6.3.3

I just did a precision comparison of AHT v2.0.2 on the 10.3.2 download, to that of the 10.3.0 disc I own. They are identical, we don't have corrupted (AHT) data nor changes that were made.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 23 - 1:40am

OSX 10.3.2 DVD has many differences to the 10.3.0 DVD (I've always owned), mainly, iDVD removed and Developer Tools put in its place. OS9General.dmg is the same (v20031010) on both 10.3.0/10.3.2. BUT disc #2 with DevTools (our present download #4) is for disc #1 of OSX 10.3.0 (presently downloads #5 thru #9), and, disc #2 with iDVD (download #2) is for disc #1 of OSX 10.3.2 (presently download #1)! Downloads 5 thru 9 are DVD 10.3.0 because the sum is 3.4+ GB, whereas 10.3.2 disc one is 2.4+ GB, one whole GB less, no mistaking.

Both OS DVD have an orgy of third party apps and app demos inside the ".images" Hidden folder. This is Apple's first OS on DVD, prior they used multiple CD, and combined with it being the last of the OS9 machines, they had a ton of free space on the DVD that they ceremoniously filled with contemporary demos. But 10.3.0 disc one with "iDVD" is >1GB larger than 10.3.2 with "DevTools.dmg". This DevTools CD #2 (download #4) is for 10.3.0 only, I just downloaded and compared it (the file DevTools.dmg) is identical to my 10.3.0 disc 2 CD, whereas DevTools.dmg for OSX 10.3.2 is found on its disc one!

[It's also the 1st AHT to be on a hidden partition/not its own CD]
Here's what's on 10.3.0 disc 1 .images :

ArtDirTK.dmg 2.8MB - Art Directors Toolkit 3 (v3.1.2) 9-X carbon
CPUHelp.dmg 16.5MB - Apple's Help files
EarthLink.dmg 3.9MB - EarthLink Total Access 2003
FileMaker.dmg 21.6MB - FileMaker Pro 6 Trial installer
GraphicConverter.dmg 4.8MB - Lemke's GC v4.8.2, 9-X carbon
iDVD1.dmg 1.48GB - Apple's iDVD v3.0.1 + tutorial
MSOffice.dmg 109MB - Microsoft Office Test Drive 2001
OmniGraffle.dmg 15.1MB - graphing software v2.1
OmniOutliner.dmg 1.7MB - v2.2.1
OS9General.dmg 478.4MB - Apple Mac OS 9.2.2v20031010
QB.dmg 36.5MB - QuickBooks "New User Edition" v5.0
ZinioReader.dmg 21.5MB - v1.4.1+magazin MacWorld May2003

Here's what's on 10.3.2 disc 1 .images :

ArtDirTK.dmg 2.4MB - Art Directors Toolkit 4 (v4.0) OSX-only
CPUHelp.dmg 16.5MB - Apple's Help files same as 10.3.0
DevTools.dmg 586MB - updated beyond that of OSX 10.3.0!
EarthLink.dmg 7.1MB - EarthLink Total Access 2004
FikeMaker.dmg 21.6MB - FileMaker Trial same as 10.3.0
GraphicConverter.dmg 6.2MB - version 4.9.2 unknown if OS9?
MSOffice.dmg 109.1MB - Microsoft Office Test Drive 2001
OmniGraffle.dmg 12.9MB - v2.1
OmniOutliner.dmg 1.8MB - v2.2.6 updated
OS9General.dmg 502.7MB - same, why different sizes?
QB.dmg 36.5MB - QuickBooks v5.0 same as OSX 10.3.0
ZinioReader.dmg 22MB - v1.4.3 updated, no MacWorld

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 21 - 1:01am

Here is how to extract the AHT v2.0.2 into an image of its own, otherwise it stays married to the 4GB DVD as a hidden partition on the disc. : ...just verified using Tiger OSX :

Insert the disc one so it mounts to the desktop, then in Terminal type "diskutil list" to find the device ID of your AHT partition. My OSX version 10.3.0 disk says this:
"8: Apple_Boot 30MB disk4s10"
so see the AHT partition is not named and is about 30MB.

Then type something like the following :
hdiutil create -srcdevice disk4s10 AHTv202.dmg which disk4s10 is the device ID you possess.

This will make a .dmg of AHT into your current working directory, defaults to your "home" folder. I got an image 8.9MB (9,366,653 bytes) containing mostly Hidden files. The command hdiutil has massive power, read the Terminal command "man hdiutil" or "hdiutil create -help", press Spacebar to go to the next page of text and press Control^z to quit out of "man" (users manual).

The image created will also claim to be damaged in OSX 10.4.9 or higher, but no fake warning in OSX 10.4.8 and older.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2017, February 24 - 4:12am

Disc one, on the one I own, when imaged to a .dmg file by OSX, opens in OSX <= 10.4.8 good, but OSX >= 10.4.9 produces the freakout msg "Image is damaged. Opening this could damage your system." It's not damaged, OSX >= 10.4.9 is.

The OS 9.2.2 image is not that special. I run (modified) OS 9.2.1 on my MDD2003 with better results, I can boot from the official OS 9.2.1 install CD and it wont install (permission denied) but then it OS 9.2.1 does install in Classic Mode. I must use Force Quit (Cmd+opt+esc) to unlock the default OS 9.2.1 ATI graphics card driver if booting unmodified 9.2.1. For Classic Mode, lots of OS9 (9.2.1) automatically updates itself (without a network connection, its called Classic Env Updater = an archive that's built in to OSX).

The OS 9.2.1 disc I own is forever special because it was burned (written to) on September 10, 2001. It was a whole different world, ended the next day. Beginning 9/11/2001 manufacturers in the U.S. became criminally hostile to the public, Apple not except. "Happy" Presidents Day today.

The (hidden) file .images/OS9General.dmg is = OS9.2.2 with several updated files not found in older 9.2.2, essentially an OS 9.2.3 without the name 9.2.3 ! It won't open inside OS9, nor with OS9 Disk Copy v6.5b13, because it was Compressed with Apple's OSX-only codec. I used OSX Panther 10.3 Disk Utility to Convert the .dmg to an uncompressed .dmg , resulting in an image which can be opened in OS9 (Disk Copy v6.5b13) and made without 'unpacking' + 'repacking' the archive, retaining a checksum on the image, better this way etc. I think .ISO doesn't include checksum, rather than .ISO we better have checksums inside our disk-images.

The OS9 file that comes with this "System Folder/Control Panels/Apple Menu Options" v1.2 (v1.2.0) is flawed and causes random looking fatal crashes only AFTER turning on multiple users/password protection - stupid bug hard to believe not done on purpose. AMO v1.1.9 from OS 9.2.1 works, and AMO v1.2.1 was a quick fix rolled out by Apple. They also made an Apple Menu Options v1.2.2

Very important unique thing about this DVD disc is its AHT v2.0.2 which has updates for MDD2003 hardware which is NOT the same thing as year 2002 "MDD". Internet used to tell people AHT v1.2.6 or 1.2.7 were good enough, they arent. You could learn a lot more if you run BOTH AHT v2.0.2 and v1.2.6/1.2.7 - & I install multiple versions of AHT onto HDD or SSD partitions and thumbdrives, discs aren't required, knowing the shortcut how to "bless" a bootable partition is.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2017, January 1 - 1:15pm

You may have noticed already, that the file size limit was risen to eight GB some time ago.
Go ahead please, if you have got a really fast upstream.

As said in some other threads, IMGBurn on Windows systems is the most secure solution to image Mac DVDs and CDs as ISO. Sad but true. Wink
A virtual machine running W2k might be the way to go for WinDOS abstinent people.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2016, December 14 - 7:23am

I upload OS9 General.dmg. It contain Mac OS 9.2.2

I can confirm this OS9General.dmg will not open in mac os 9.2.2. I tried Disk copy to open in Mac OS 9.2.2. It said error -50. when I open the file and it fail to open with Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility to open the file. It said system resources in Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility. Then It fail to open tried Roxio Toast Titanium 5.2.3. Use Disk Utility to burn this to DVD or Burn it to Toast to DVD.

scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2016, December 7 - 12:54am


The reason I can't unload this because it too big through ATT wifi. I will get comcast in end of month and starting 2017 and I will have no trouble unloading this.

blackholemac's picture
by blackholemac - 2016, December 6 - 11:29pm

I have that exact set and can probably help you numbers match, versions match...only reason I've never uploaded before is because we are likely to hit a download limit...these are DVDs