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PopupFuncs_2.8.2.sit (68.43 KB)
MD5: 762a0dce3b17fd7d525020e449af50f9
This app works with: Basilisk II,

PopUpFuncs ("PUF") is a productivity tool for developers. When invoked by clicking on a control in a source code window's title bar, it creates a popup menu of every function contained in a source code file, allowing you to see instantly the contents of an unfamiliar file. If a name is selected from the menu, the file is instantly scrolled to the beginning of that function. PopUpFuncs works with CodeWarrior, MPW, THINK C/Symantec C++, SADE, BBEdit, and QUED/M, and parses C, C++, Pascal, Object Pascal, assembler, Rez, Fortran, and Java source files.

PopUpFuncs is extensible through an XCMD-like protocol. This package includes a language sensitive block-commenting and uncommenting tool which operates on the current selection. Hold the command key down while clicking on a control to get the XPOP menu. This package also includes the source code to this XPOP, as well as everything you need to build your own XPOPs.

PopUpFuncs is very fast, highly addictive, and VERY useful.

To install PopUpFuncs, launch the Installer and install PopupFuncs in your copy of BBEdit, CodeWarrior, MPW, THINK C, THINK Project Manager, Symantec Project Manager, or QUED/M.

Architecture: 68k