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PlayerPRO 5

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PlayerPRO598.sit_.bin (3.13 MB)
MD5: 78ff8d83ee8201c29aa831cc524e6668
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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PlayerPRO598.sitx_.bin (2.62 MB)
MD5: ffbe6aaed0f7de6e6651ad5ba0b3a96b
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (3.30 MB)
MD5: e73575acc1152ed6448e451e408ea1f7
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
playerpro_5.9.8.sit (3.13 MB)
MD5: 9f9a3dbf5cc216a5f5e4dd30b9ef4a91
For Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6 - Mac OS X
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This app works with: SheepShaver,

PlayerPRO is a program which allows you to make music on your Mac. It belongs in the ‘soundtrackers’ category. Still uncommon on Macintosh, these music utilities originated on the Amiga platform, and have then been developed on the Atari ST, IBM PC, and finally on Macintosh. These soundtrackers are based on a single file format — the MOD format and its derivatives (XM, IT, S3M, MTM, MAD, etc.).

PlayerPRO is a complete music editing program (SoundTracker). You can use it with any Mac without any additional hardware. PlayerPRO can load and play the following music (and sound) formats:

MOD, S3M, MIDI, MTM, MADH, MADG, MADI, MADK, OKTA, MINS, XI, PP, Clip File, MED, 669, IT, ULT, XM System 7 sound, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, SoundDesignerII, MPEG, MP3, MuLaw, ALaw, AVI, DVC, Quicktime Movies, MAC3, MAC6, IMA4, MPEG layer I, II and III (requires QT 4.0), PAT (GUS), QDesign, RAW Data.

The MOD format was intended to be a compact way of storing music inside games and demos, especially background music. The files consist of "patterns" of musical notes inside "partitions" (pattern lists) which can be played in different order, and more than once. The number of tracks simulates the number of musicians a conductor would have in his orchestra; in the case of a 4 track file, the conductor has only the possibility of having 4 instruments playing simultaneously, even when the players can change their instruments.

PlayerPRO offers you a whole range of functions to create these music files:
• Sample editing: several methods of editing are offered.
• Displays: Fourier's analysis, oscilloscope, tubes, piano, digital partition, classic partition, simplified partition, animations, etc.
• Music editing: music editing can be accomplished via the Digital editor, the Classic editor (yes, that's right: enter your music directly on a musical staff!), or via MIDI keyboard. You can also open and edit MIDI files.

Freeware now!

PlayerPRO 5.9.8
Full english freeware version. (3.13 Mb).
PlayerPRO 5.9.8
Download from Author's Sourceforge (Source code included)

Downloads 1, 2, and 3 are PlayerPRO 5.9.8 I acquired from the author's sourceforge page as linked to above, all perfectly preserved. Use the Zip archive if all you have is OS X. Since it is a Carbonized program, it will work perfectly fine on all PPC variants of OS X.

Download 4 was put up by the original author, not sure if it's the exact same thing, but the above downloads are verified working and preserved perfectly.

(As a note, since this is Carbonized, despite what the documentation of the program and compatibility says below, I'm not sure if this will work on Mac OS 8.0, your mileage may vary in that respect.)

See also: PlayerPRO 4, a 68k-compatible version with some extra visualization features

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

Operating System: At least Mac OS 8.0 (Mac OS 8.5 recommended)

Memory: Approximately 6 Mb of RAM for the application itself, hence a total of 16 Mb of RAM will allow this program to run with no problems. Note that in case you want to record or use sounds of long duration, you will have to increase the memory allocation of PlayerPRO.

Screen: All color screens. Any size (800x600 recommended).

Audio Output: It is highly recommended that you connect external speakers to your computer to receive a stereo sound and a much better quality. Some Macintoshes are limited in the driver choice, but they can all be used without any exception. The quality ranges from 22Khz/Mono/8 bits to 44 Khz/Stereo/16 bits.