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PICTure This 2.0

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 8 - 8.1

PICTure This 2.0 - A Graphics File Conversion Utility
June 5, 1992

This program is used to convert a variety of image formats to .pict for use on Macintosh, and can be a great help when transferring old files to new hardware. Supports batch conversion.

Includes version 2.0.1 B1 patch for compatibility with Macintosh Classic.

Supported image formats:

OS/2 BMP, Windows BMP, CGM, Dr. Halo CUT, Digital Research IMG, Compuserve GIF, Apollo GPR, Amiga IFF/ILBM, Visilog IMG, Adobe Photoshop, PCPaint PIC, Lotus BIT/RLE, Lotus PIC, MacPaint, SuperMac PixelPaint, ZSoft PCX, Silicon Graphics RGB, Letraset RIFF, RIX, Sun Raster, Targa, TIFF, X11 Bitmap, XWD.

Other FGM Products:
- Canvas™ 3.x Import Filter Interface (Aug 92)
- PhotoShop™ Import Plug-In Interface (Aug 92)
- PageMaker™ 4.x Add-On Interface (Nov 92)
- PICTPorter™ Developer's Kit (July 92)
- Apple File Exchange Interface (Nov 92)
- XTND Interface (Dec 92)
- DePICT It™ (Mar 93)

Architecture: 68k

Tested on System 6.0.5, System 7, MacOS 8.0
768KB memory required, 1MB+ recommended


gingerbeardman's picture
by gingerbeardman - 2021, April 8 - 6:02pm

These guys also did a bunch of file translators for Canvas 3.x, Photoshop, PageMaker 4.x and others, according to the readme file and a Deneba Press Release on AppleLink.