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PhotoShop 0.63

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PhotoShop_0.63.img (800.00 KB)
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

This is the very first version of PhotoShop made by Thomas Knoll, the original author, released in 1988/89, before it was an Adobe product. Mini vMac friendly disk image.

Added the User's Manual in PDF format to the "Manual" DL, above. Its a PDF printed from the original MS Word document contained in the above DL (makes for easier reading across platforms).

Architecture: 68k


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, March 23 - 9:41pm

@SuperMew98: Quite right. At the time of this release, this was not an Abobe product. It was up for grabs by any major distributor.

Its name is also written "PhotoShop" not "Photoshop" as it became under Adobe. So thanks. Good spotting.

SuperMew98's picture
by SuperMew98 - 2015, March 23 - 4:12pm

This might be just PhotoShop. I did a ⌘F in the manual and looked for "Adobe" but found nothing.

longboarder241's picture
by longboarder241 - 2014, January 22 - 6:02pm

Does this work with regular macs

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2013, April 9 - 8:08am

Adobe or only PhotoShop ? Smile

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2010, July 22 - 10:40pm

This is really a historical product.
The question is... what would happen if Thomas Knoll would sell this program to Apple directly, instead of selling it to Adobe?

by Dave_89 - 2010, March 18 - 9:22am

Found it while digging through in .sit.bin format. It was in the Mac Graphics -- Mac Painting category, along with another (corrupt) archive in .zip format. I simply extracted it and put it on an empty 800k disk image.

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, March 18 - 6:51am

haha, wow, nice. That's a great find and IMO an important "historical" thing to archive. I actually have a Photoshop beta CD as well, for a newer version, somewhere around version 3-4 (I forget offhand). Actual CD. Perhaps at some point I will make a disk image and scan the front of the CD. I would have to do some backtracking as to how it came to me (I forget) so I don't get anyone in trouble Tongue

iig's picture
by iig - 2010, March 17 - 6:54pm

Wow, this is history in the making!
PS I wonder how much this cost back in its hayday?
PS2, where did you get this! Big smile