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Phoenix 3D

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MD5: d0530b6e3fe28ddf2c8a56805c7cd53c
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

Phoenix 3D is an economical 3D drawing package, with features that belong in a more expensive program. Multiple light sources, fine object placement and orientation control, and a good selection of shapes. $49.95.
- MacUser capsule review (rated 4 out of 5 mice)

The figure quoted above is an unfortunate misprint, as the program's $39.95 price was such a strong selling point that even the About box made a big deal out of it. (By comparison, Easy3D was listed at $99, and Mac 3D at $249.)

If you were willing to wait for them, you could get some incredibly smooth and complex renderings out of this app, even on a common Mac Plus. Try setting Mini vMac to "All out" and Phoenix 3D to "Smooth Shaded with Unframed Faces."

This archive only includes the consumer-targeted Level One release. The developers announced a Level Two version for CAD professionals, but I'm not sure this was ever published. If you have a copy, of course, please upload it.

Version: 1.0

Architecture: 68k