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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

OnMyCommand version 2.1 (OMC) is a freeware UNIX shell script and AppleScript executor. You can use it to build your own Contextual Menu Items or GUI applications. OMC version 2.1, is the final release to also support running under Tiger (Mac OS 10.4.x). This package includes OMCEdit, a useful GUI front-end app for use with OMC.

Newer (and older) versions, plus other free software projects are available from the Abracode web pages.

OnMyCommand is a UNIX shell script and AppleScript executor. You can build your own Contextual Menu Item or GUI application.

  • OMC features in a nutshell:
    • You can create a contextual menu item or an applet using UNIX shell script or AppleScript.
    • You can specify for the command is to be executed silently, in terminal or with result in output window.
    • You may add a path to the clicked file or folder as an argument of your command.
    • You may add a selected text or text from clipboard as an argument of your command.

Excerpt: OnMyCommand info & downloads page

I've included in with this download, my custom plist: "com.abracode.OnMyCommandCMPrefs.plist"

I'm including this plist for "Tiger" users. Copy it into your ~/Library/Preferences folder BEFORE you use OMC.
- Note: use is for Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.x) only, and is obsoleted by Leopard (10.5.x).

What it does, is gives Tiger users a mouse "right-click" contextual menu for "Arrange By", and sub-menus for "Name", "Date Modified", "Date Created", "Size", "Kind" and "Label".

This contextual menu feature in Mac OS X, btw, was not available until Leopard (10.5)

As a consequence, and because I hate having to go up the "View" menu in Tiger just to clean up an unkempt window, this is one of the first 3rd party items that I'll install onto a Tiger Mac OS (screenshots 2 - 5).

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Universal; for Mac OS's 10.4 to 10.6.x, G3, G4, G5 PPC or Intel Mac.

Classic contextual menu plug-ins are no longer supported in OSX 10.6 and higher.