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Guides on emulating older applications

OneClick is a control panel that incorporates some of the best features of Apple’s Control Strip, QuicKeys, Square One, SuperClock, PopChar, PopUp Folder, and other utilities, integrating them into a single program. (Adapted from TidBITS 21 October 1996)

Download #1: A Disk Copy 4.2 image containing the installer for v. 1.0 released in 1995.

Download #2: Inflates to a folder containing the installer for v. 1.4. It is stated to be compatible with systems 7, 8 & 8.1 at the time of release in 1998.

I do not have serial numbers for these, so they can only be used in demo mode at present.

This product should not be confused with a different (shareware) item with the same name.



S. Pupp's picture
by S. Pupp - 2019, March 10 - 8:16pm

I was distraught, back in the day, to hear back from WestCode Software that they had no intention of trying to create an OSX version of OneClick, as it would be impractical to impossible to do so. This macro software is the reason that, in 2019, more than 50% of my MacOS time is stlll spent using OS9. I have the palettes hidden, and use key combinations to access the scripts. My OneClick macros combine dozens of steps into one key combination. By using an 8 button mouse with key combinations assigned to the buttons using USB Overdrive, triggering a macro has become simplicity itself.
The scripting language is powerful and fairly intuitive, especially if already familiar with any basic programming language (such as BASIC). The ability to incorporate Applescripts directly into a OneClick script is very useful. OneClick can create a macro from recording your actions, also. I find, though, OneClick 2.0 (the version I use), does not always recognize buttons or drop-down menus in certain applications. For the most part, though, it works flawlessly.
I use and like Keyboard Maestro in OSX, but the sheer number and complexity of the OneClick macros I use in OS9 would be too time consuming to try to replicate in Keyboard Maestro.

cbone's picture
by cbone - 2018, August 4 - 6:14pm

I like the totally 'crazy' level of adjustments you can tweak on OneClick's palettes; the only thing holding it back for me, aside from the demo reg. issue, is that it glitches and freezes under thousands and millions of colors; it's even worse than Square One's old freeware program, Finder Palette, at least under Basillisk II on my 1280 x 800 display in Mac OS 8.1.

No worries though: I'm still enjoying DragStrip as my little 68k bottom dock! Smile