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Steinberg Nuendo 1.5.2

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steinberg_nuendo_1.52.sit (28.77 MB)
MD5: 45730bad6483217518d3618e48f9c022
For Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,


One of the most anxiously awaited computer-based digital-audio workstations (DAWs) is the latest version of Steinberg's Nuendo for Mac and Windows. Aimed at the music, audio-for-film, video, and interactive-media markets, Nuendo 1.5 is a fully professional DAW. It's based on a new native software code for recording, editing, and mixing as many as 500 tracks of MIDI and digital audio at rates of up to 192 kHz with 32-bit resolution (if you have the hardware for it).

In addition to handling large numbers of tracks and channel inputs, one of Nuendo's greatest strengths is its ability to mix in a variety of output formats. With support for mono, stereo, and any surround format with a maximum of eight discrete channels, Nuendo is a great candidate for producing and mixing music, scoring and placing effects into a film or TV show, or creating a surround-sound design for a new video game.

An important aspect of Nuendo is that it works entirely in a native-processing environment. Every function — processing, mixing, routing, the whole works — runs on the computer's host processor or dual processors. Advanced multiprocessor support is included. That approach has the distinct advantage that the software isn't tied down by a preconceived hardware design, but it can be upgraded as computer technology develops and processors get faster. Consequently, the system will grow with you without demanding a massive reinvestment each time your hardware expands.

visit for more music production materials, knowledge + compatibility information re: making music with old macs

Architecture: PPC

Minimum System Requirements:
G3/233; 128 MB RAM; OS 9; MIDI interface


supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, January 28 - 8:20am

i will also add that i did not experience this usb keyboard disconnect at all on my quicksilver 867mhz (before i killed it hehe) and i thinki will re-test it on the sawtooth that i had the problem on before.. i think the 1gb ram trick will fix it.. its strange that it would happen on the sawtooth 450mhz and not on the QS!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2014, January 27 - 5:48pm

just to make a note: the usb keyboard disconnect problem i was having while running this software was on a sawtooth.. which at the time had more then 1 gb of ram.. I believe it may be resolved by running the app with no more then 1gb of ram installed... (similarly to how logic 4.7+4.8 will not play audio properly from the main timeline window with > 1gb installed in the mac) more ram is usually what u want with modern os but with mac os 9.. it seems 1gb is the sweet spot u dont want to go over. keep at 1gb no more no less for best performance.

MacTron's picture
by MacTron - 2013, November 16 - 9:37pm

I had a very similar problem. In my case the most probable cause was the lack of power of the USB bus (500mA MAX). Try to reconnect Keyboard/Mouse/Midi in a different way. Remember that Macs usually came whith two real USB ports and one is usually shared with the internal modem. You can check this with Apple System Profiler.

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 13 - 1:20pm

im confirming -- whenver i run this app.. it works great.. but then as im working, my keyboard stops working -- i have realized that i can make it work again by unpluging + repluging back in the keyboard.... this doesnt happen to me at all if i dont have nuendo running.. can anyone confirm this behaviour? furhter info regarding my computer: im using a sawtooth g4 450mhz AGP graphics mac... running mac os 9.0.4 my ram says 1.12 gb of ram virtual memory off appletalk inactive.. please if someone could help me debug this, i really want to use this app... If i dont hear from anyone else to help me with this i will have to get another hard drive and reinstall maybe another version of os 9.. such as 9.2.1 or perhaps 8.6... i dunno im grasping at straws but i have to get to the bottom of this problem! i need this to work!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 12 - 5:47pm

ok reporting back in here folks! i think whatever it was that was causing me to lose mouse/keyboard functioning.. i think this might have been related to USB OVERDRIVE and i disabled this.. and one other thing i did.. was that i remved the link from extensions folder to ableton live engine.. after reading that this can cause rewire problems for cubase ... so now nuendo is working amazing! the audio is solid + doesnt stop working like the crappy cubase 5 vst/32 that is posted here atm....! the only problem im having now is that when i go to the F11 vst instruments panel it says no instrument.... so i willl be trying to debug this now :S if anyone has any input please help!!!!!!!!

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, September 10 - 6:41pm

interested to know what the effect of this virus is.. because.. when i use this program.. nuendo.. everything works fine but, as im using it, either hte mouse or they keyboard stops working.. first its the mouse and then i unplug + replug my mouse back in and then the keyboard stops working but mouse is working.. Im wondering if this is a result of the crack? i was just playing with reason + rewire was working great.. id really like to find out how i can make this work without losing mouse or keyboard connectivity!

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2013, July 27 - 12:22am

Removed 2nd DL from above, "nuendo1.6.hqx" - essentially a duplicate of the 1.5.2 upload here, as the main content of each file checksums match (there is no 1.6 in the "nuendo1.6.hqx" archive). They were the same files.

steinberg_nuendo_1.52.sit, main contents MD5 checksums:

  • 9811efe9570a703a9fa283ebca37e1af 14417K, *Install Nuendo 1_52
  • 841e95ed5e320fcbc1a7e84d0e45ba65 8834K, *Nuendo 1.52[k]

nuendo1.6.hqx, main contents MD5 checksums:

  • 9811efe9570a703a9fa283ebca37e1af 14417K, *Nuendo1.52 for mac Install
  • 841e95ed5e320fcbc1a7e84d0e45ba65 8834K, *Nuendo 1.52[k]

Retained top DL "steinberg_nuendo_1.52.sit" above, as it contains PDF documentation which was not in the secondary DL "nuendo1.6.hqx".