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MD5: 0f8ad27f9ee1bc8fcc9e86e978bf53ad
For System 7.0 - 7.6

Tiny SSW 7.0 utility app for switching processes on or off. e.g.; Kill the Finder and turn it back on when you want it.

NoFinder is a 7.0 only application which displays the processes currently executing in your system. To bring a process to the front you can double click on a process name. This utility also allows you to Terminate and launch processes.

I developed this application because sometimes I want the Finder to quit so I can use the extra memory to launch another application. You can also launch aliases and the Finder.

Excerpt: The enclosed NoFinder Notes

Easy to use menu commands; "Terminate Process" and "Launch A Process..." does most of the work.

Sourced from early Apple Dev CD

See also: Application Monitor

Architecture: 68k

Requires SSW 7.0 and later. Tested only under 7.1 and 7.1.1 so far.

Runs OK on Basilisk II, Mini vMac and Mini vMac II. Haven't as yet tried it out with SheepShaver.


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by melomac - 2018, February 27 - 10:25am

Thanks to NoFinder, I was able to run Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, or a patched Mac•Man on System 7:
- launch NoFinder;
- kill Finder;
- close NoFinder window;
- launch target application using the menu item or the keyboard shortcut;
- enjoy!

This should help for all not so compatible MultiFinder applications.