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Native Instruments Reaktor Session One Carbon (future music edition 2003) vst, au, os9, osX

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For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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Welcome to Reaktor Session One!

About Reaktor Session One

SESSION ONE is a special version of REAKTOR SESSION that gives you a complete working version of the Carbon synth, one of the many powerful instruments from the REAKTOR Library. Although SESSION ONE is not able to load and play other REAKTOR instruments, Carbon is 100% at your disposal. Every feature related to Carbon is completely functional, both standalone and as a plug-in in your favorite sequencer.

With the full version of REAKTOR SESSION you get Carbon and more than30 other first-class instruments, including synths, drum machines,effects, live tools, and more.


When launching the program for the first time, you'll be greeted with a dialog box where you can enter your sound card and MIDI configuration. Now you're ready to play! Note that you can change your audio and MIDI configuration at any time from the Setup menu.

To play sounds without any MIDI device connected, note that you can trigger MIDI notes on your computer or laptop's keyboard simply by pressing on the QWERTY keys.

Snapshot Options

You can browse through CARBON's snapshots with the menu in the instrument title bar.

Alternatively,you can open up the snapshot panel which gives you lots more control over snapshot naming, randomization, and morphing. Simply click on the little camera icon to the left of the snapshot menu. To randomize a patch, select a randomization amount (lower values generally work best, so you may want to start with a randomization amount around 10-20) and click on the randomize button.

To morph between two patches, first click on the Select A button and select the first patch. Then click on Select B and select the patch you want to morph to. Now when you move the morph slider you'll hear the sound smoothly morph between the two sounds! The Morph Time number box lets you specify the smoothing time between the two morphs. The little stair step icons to the left and right of the morph slider let you manually choose when all switches and buttons will be morphed.

You can save any sound you've created (be it by Randomization, Morphing,or pure old-fashioned skill) simply by clicking either on the Overwrite button and pressing return, or with the the Append button(which adds the sound to the end of the bank).

To save a bank of sounds, simply choose Save Bank from the BANKS menu. Likewise, your bank of sounds can be loaded in the Load Bank menu option in the BANKS menu. Note that your sound bank will automatically be saved when you quit SESSION ONE, and automatically reloaded the next time you start.

Browser Functionality

The Reaktor Session browser is used to easily load ensembles,instruments, and samples. Since SESSION ONE cannot load any other files, then the browser is not functional.

Total Recall in VST

Total Recall in VST is currently not working in SESSION ONE. Please note that both REAKTOR and REAKTOR SESSION support full total recall, but since the saving of ensembles is not possible in SESSION ONE, then total recall in VST is not supported.


This software can use it in standalone mode, in vst format, audio unit plug-in.

Supported systems from Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X for PowerPC, no need to install Reaktor to use this synthesizer, contains random system to create patches of sounds for programming. In the content there are presets and installers for each operating system. it is not necessary to insert passwords or passwords, this is a original free version.

Total disk space 126.9 megabytes (zip archive)


Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, PowerPC machines, only.