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Native Instruments Traktor 2.5

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traktor_cd1.iso (335.95 MB)
MD5: 7086ec3a511bce60f779c2c75fc6f54c
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

"Traktor (previously known as Traktor DJ Studio) is a DJ software package developed by Native Instruments.

Traktor was first released in 2000 and has gone through several major application changes. The initial versions of Traktor were Traktor Studio and Traktor DJ, with Traktor Studio being more full featured (and expensive). In 2002, Traktor DJ Studio 2 was released, which offered several new features including scratch macros. It also expanded its looping, MIDI, and cue point functionality. In 2003, Traktor DJ Studio 2.5 was released. This new version expanded the time stretching functionality, added Open Sound Control (OSC) support, and gave the user limited ability to customize the look of the interface."

This text is from the Wikipedia.

I made an .iso image from the CD i have.

Architecture: PPC



IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2013, November 16 - 2:38pm

cubase using the numbers 4 + 5 as versions when there was cubase 4 +5 in 1998 + 1999... then using them again in 2004+ 2006

I used to run these versions at its time, the 1998+1999 versions were called "VST 4" and "VST 5",
while the later OSX versions were called "SX", starting with 1 again. The "SX" has been removed later.
So, the numbers 4 + 5 were used again. Smile

supernova777's picture
by supernova777 - 2013, November 16 - 12:04pm

yes i think theres been a mistake made on phils part due to the rather ambiguous naming conventions used by these software companies i cant undestand why they constantly do these things..
another xample would be cubase using the numbers 4 + 5 as versions when there was cubase 4 +5 in 1998 + 1999... then using them again in 2004+ 2006 and expecting us to be able to tell the difference. its amazing!! really makes u think how smart these developers truly are;; when they cant even come up with a proper incremental naming convention to allow general public to properly reference their products without being entirely error prone.. Wink heheh all mud slinging aside it was an easy mistake to make...... mavericks being called mac os 9 is the latest version of such ambiguation..

MacTron's picture
by MacTron - 2013, November 15 - 4:52pm

Unfortunately is Mac os X only Sad

Philgood's picture
by Philgood - 2013, November 12 - 11:37pm

sorry, here is where i hosted it.