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Multimedia Guns: The Enthusiast's Guide to Firearms

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MultimediaGuns.iso_.sit (206.60 MB)
MD5: 904f0c3bf3b9dc8c8e82aae90ae60410
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Multimedia Guns features over 250 guns, optics and accessories with professional photography, articles, technical information and graphics.

Outstanding professional photography and video, together with 35 years of articles make Multimedia Guns a truly exciting and educational experience. Learn about history, the hottest sports, safety, care and accessories.
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Multimedia Guns Interactive CD-ROM for PC and MAC

Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Windows)

This is a hybrid CD-ROM for PC & Mac.

System requirements PC:
80386, Windows 3.1/95, SVGA display, sound card

System requirements Mac:
Macintosh II or higher, System 6.0.7, 13" monitor

Common requirements:
640 x 480 pixels, 256 colors, QuickTime 2.0 (included on disc), 4 MB of free RAM.