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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac

This INIT/DA pair creates "soft partitions" of your hard drive, which you can password-protect, encrypt, mount or unmount at will, and resize (up to a maximum size set at initialization time).

Each soft partition is stored as an invisible file in the root directory of the physical drive, with a filename like "MultiDisk Partition #0000001234". The file will still work if made visible and copied to the root of another volume, which has applications for overcoming copy protection in certain programs that use a key disk to bless a hard drive. You can create a soft partition just large enough for the protected software, trick the key disk into authorizing it, then pack the authorized partition into a StuffIt file and take it anywhere.

Included here are versions 1.11 from 1989 and 1.29 from 1993. (The about box for 1.29 misidentifies it as 1.28.)

Architecture: 68k


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by mrgismo - 2020, July 8 - 8:22am

Hey there. Thanks for the very useful hint on the hidden MultiDisk Partition #0000001234 files. I´ve sucessfully managed to find and copy those files using DiskTop. So far so good. Now: are there any practical examples of the software that might be used to mount and work with the files?

Help very appreciated, there are not many guys left out there, that can help here...