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Mouse Practice

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Mouse_Practice.img_.sit (686.14 KB)
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

Learn how to use a mouse, which has been called a toy by PC users first...

Architecture: 68k


IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2017, April 22 - 3:41pm

Does anyone know how to get this to view in color

I'm not sure, but probably with a display set to 16 colors only?

transgrosse999's picture
by transgrosse999 - 2017, April 22 - 2:23pm

Does anyone know how to get this to view in color I have a Ibook g3 white 500 mhz os 9.2.2 and the last time i played this game was in the 1990's and it was in color.

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, May 20 - 2:42am

What if I have a problem with the program where its not letting me play the game, cause I tried to download the game and it was giving me a hard time. Is it because I don't have a mac notebook?

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 28 - 4:19pm

Yep, it may be rather a long shot for you, if you never thought about Classic Mac emulation with e.g. BasiliskII, but imagine all the cool games from this site you could play!
If you don't want to take a plunge into Mac emulation and can't buy a ten years old Mac, there is only one possibility I can think of: A software called "Executor" that will run certain old Mac apps on Windows boxes.
Executor will only play the scuba dude in black and white without sound.

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, April 28 - 2:33am

okay. now thats suppose to help me be able to play the game?

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 27 - 12:28pm

Please head over to and start a new topic there.
Plenty of people are willing to help you with running this game (and others) in Mac emulation.
Best describe your PC/notebook and the kind of WinDOS you are using.
For running the game in color, BasiliskII or SheepShaver will do fine.
Please do read the guides for setting up the emulators, you will know what to ask after reading.
Best wishes!

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, April 26 - 11:43pm

I would like to play the color version. Really? I have internet explorer is that what you mean by operating system? I didn't know there was ever a black and white version, I only knew of the color version when I use to play it in the first grade.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 26 - 10:48pm

Actually it is possible to play especially this game on almost every recent computer.
There is a bunch of solutions available.
What is your operating system?
Do you want to play the color version, or would black and white be sufficient?

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, April 26 - 10:03pm

I was afraid that was going to happen that I will be unable to play this game on my computer. I wish there was a website where I could play it on a website. This suxs. after all these years I finally found this game and now I am unable to play it.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 26 - 8:10pm

I am afraid you will need a Mac, emulated or real hardware, for any of the games in this forum. may be a good starting point for emulation.
Setting up an emulated classic Mac is pretty simple with most host systems.
Viruses are not a big issue with Macs.
Most malware these days is programmed for Windows

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, April 26 - 7:38pm

IDK I have a dell and it won't work and I am afraid that if I download one of these things I don't want it to cause a virus to my notebook. How do I go about to play this game even though I don't have a mac notebook?

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 26 - 5:04pm

Glamourdiva22 - What is the problem exactly?
I just played the game in SheepShaver after inflating the file with Stuffit Deluxe5.

by Glamourdiva22 - 2011, April 26 - 2:38am

Is there anyway I can play this game? Cause I really loved this game when I was in first grade thats when I first started to play this game. I was so happy that after all these years I finally found this game. I wish I was able to play this game to bring back memories. Talking about mouse practice with the scuba diver dude.

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, June 17 - 10:12am

Thanks man!! Some other interesting stuff there as well - awesome! Smile

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, June 17 - 10:11am

Called Mouse Basics, frely available from Apple:

in the Utilities section. Also look out for Macintosh Basics and Macintosh Tutorial. ResEdit v2.1.3 is also there.

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, June 17 - 8:30am

That is awesome. The sooner I can pick up an LC the better (don't feel like dealing w/emulation). Will have to snoop around a System 6 install disk set I guess!

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2010, June 17 - 6:45am

Yes there was, it came on the System disks for all the Macs around that time, or with Mac OS 7 at least. I bet you can still get it as a download from Apple.

Edit: Changed 'xxx 7' to 'Mac OS 7' - IIGS User

amatecha's picture
by amatecha - 2010, June 17 - 12:23am

Was there a program like this which was black & white and showed a Mac desktop set up on a person's desk in their home or office? I seem to recall seeing an Apple tutorial video/program where it showed how to move the mouse, how to click, and all that. But it didn't have full color like this program does (that I can recall).. It was around the days of very late 80's or so, 1989, 1990, 1991..

by Phoenix223 - 2009, October 31 - 11:41am

I love this program. I used to play it many times as a kid.
I know it's a mouse tutorial program but it was fun.

by Zebonka - 2009, August 17 - 2:29pm

Holy cow!!!! The first thing I ever saw running on my LC 630, I haven't seen it since that day in 1995...

j_damage•69's picture
by j_damage•69 - 2009, August 15 - 1:03am

hahaha the moray eel! Memories...

mts2457's picture
by mts2457 - 2009, August 14 - 11:35pm