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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Use Finder/etc in OSX Tiger or higher to read disk images of the prehistoric MFS (Macintosh File System, circa 1984-1986). This download is the zip file, exactly as it appeared on Apple's developer website, including source code and documentation. Within, the package file/folder named "build/Debug/MFSLives.fs" is the ready made software we're interested in (you could ignore the rest). An alternative to MFSLives would be to simply make use of Mac OS 8.1 or earlier because MFS was accessed natively in those days.

One example MFS disk image is the garden's "Through the Looking Glass" -- failure-to-mount is the best you can do without MFSLives as seen here in Screenshot 2. But with MFSLives, Screenshot 1 shows Tiger Server 10.4.11 gaining access to Through the Looking Glass image. Its volume (named Games) declares that its file system format is "MFSLives!" in its Info window.

To install, drag (only) the "MFSLives.fs" software into /System/Library/Filesystems
There's no need to reboot, but you must repair permissions.
The minimum repair is via Terminal:
"sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Filesystems/MFSLives.fs"

For easy access to ".dsk" image files such as "Through the Looking Glass.dsk",
rename that file extension from ".dsk" to ".dmg"
then double click on it to mount it to Desktop.

A better way to archive ".dsk" images in an historical library is to not rename; keep that dsk suffix to indicate the file is an old image of a floppy disk. Then, to make ".dsk" images mount when double clicking them, use a utility such as "Filetype 101" to set the dsk file's Creator and Type codes to "ddsk" and "DDim" respectively.

MFSLives provides read-only access; writing in the MFS format isn't implemented.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Requires at least OS X 10.4 Tiger.
"MFSLives.fs" tested works in Tiger and Leopard too.
It does NOT cause the computer to perform slower.
Needs to be tested in OS X >= Snow Leopard.
I haven't tried manipulating the source code.