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MetaCreations LogoMotion 2.1

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MD5: ec0ac28e2cce62124d7d3baefa9615b2
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, QEMU

The Easiest Way to Create Awesome 3D Animation

If you think 3D graphics are difficult to learn, time-consuming, and expensive, we’d like to change your mind. MetaCreations LogoMotion will have you creating dazzling 3D images and QuickTime movies within minutes of opening the box! No product comes close to matching LogoMotion’s combination of ease-of-use, quality output, and affordable pricing.

MetaCreations LogoMotion works beautifully in the hands of beginners and professionals alike. The beginner will be impressed by how fast and easy it is to model 3D text and logos, while the professional will marvel at the level of control. Both will appreciate features like lathe and extrude modeling, editable surfaces, texture mapping, atmospheric effects and professional output!

LogoMotion’s StageHand technology revolutionizes the way you create 3D animations. Simply browse through a collection of over a thousand camera moves, animated props, and backdrops, and “point-and-click” to create your own stunning animation! LogoMotion integrates seamlessly with all print, multimedia, and desktop video programs. No other product gives you such a complete 3D animation system for under $200!

Easy Transition to 3D

LogoMotion is your easiest entrance into the world of 3D graphics. The key word is integration. LogoMotion works side-by-side with your favorite graphics, video or presentation program. Take any Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand EPS outline and instantly turn it into 3D. Apply any Adobe Photoshop image as a surface. With LogoMotion’s automatic mask-creation you can easily composite your finished animation over video in Adobe Premiere or Avid VideoShop. As you can see, adding 3D graphics to your resume is easy!

StageHands Simplify Animation

Inspired by the 3D graphics you see on TV, LogoMotion provides StageHands to help you easily create awesome animations. StageHands are “building blocks”; an extensive collection of camera motions, props, lights, backdrops, and environments. Choose the ones you want and LogoMotion automatically combines them into a stunning QuickTime movie! You can also edit Stagehands or create your own, so you’re never tied down to a fixed set of choices.

Professional Modeling and Rendering

LogoMotion is a complete 3D program. In addition to instantly turning logos and text into 3D, LogoMotion also provides professional modeling power. You can easily model both extruded and lathed objects. These objects are fully animatible, and you can morph one object into another! Choose a surface for your model from a wide variety of woods, marbles, plastics, and metals. You can even take an image or QuickTime movie and use it as a surface for your object!

Deluxe CD-ROM with 500 StageHands

LogoMotion comes with a CD-ROM of 500 high-quality Stagehands. Quickly browse through the list of camera moves, props, lights, and backdrops. Also on the CD is a collection of 2D EPS files and 3D models, a Tips and Techniques manual, sample animations, and more.

DL #1: Hybrid image of the software CD from MetaCreations.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Windows)

Minimum system requirements

MetaCreations LogoMotion 2.1 requires: