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MetaCard IDE Yahoo! Groups mirror (April 2019)

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (21.86 MB)
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After MetaCard, a renowned cross-platform (over 6 different platforms) HyperCard clone, was bought by Runtime Revolution (later LiveCode), the main program was renamed "Runtime Revolution", but the core was still developed and released separately as "MetaCard IDE", with releases being hosted at the MC_IDE Yahoo! Groups page. The link to said group is

All development in that group ceased in 2011, with a sporadic contribution in 2017 as an exception. As such, it seems now may be as good a time as any to archive these versions of the program (and related files), before something happens and they disappear.

The download here contains ALL the files hosted in that group, up until April 2019.

The original MetaCard program worked for 68k and PPC Macs, both "classic" and OS X. It seems this is no different for the versions hosted in that Yahoo! group.

Intel Mac compatibility unknown. But the direct successor, LiveCode, is very much compatible with Intel Macs. (And PPC Mac OS X, too.)

Architecture: 68k PPC