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MDD hard drive caddy

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This is a MDD hard drive caddy that I had designed and printed for me. It was designed to allow you use the kingwin SATA -> PATA adapter (possibly others) or your normal SATA controller.

If you move the Mac around, you should consider using a screw in the top as it does not snap in like the original mount.

Please consider donating to the FRC robotics team that designed this holder, as they did it as a learning project. The money would help the team out. PayPal information is in the readme.

Please do not sell the design or pass it off as your own, that would not be fair.



scott Praed's picture
by scott Praed - 2018, May 14 - 1:21am

I have a power Mac G4 1.25 Ghz mirror door 2003 and my computer has gray cases for 35'' Hard drive.
OWC has a hard drive who don't need these new black cases for your drive. When I brought the OWC 480GB in 25' the drive has case for fit the 35'' hard drive and adapter too and OWC case. They did away the 480GB drive but they have 500 GB drive. You have connected your old cable and power cable to new hard drive without black cases and the old gray cases with OWC case. But SATA hard drive need a SATA PCI card to connected to new drive. If you can't find SATA PCI card connected to new drive then you have to use the black cases to new 35' SATA hard drive to your computer but drive will fit in gray olds. You will have to look at amazon or ebay for SATA PCI card. The manufactured Sonnet did away all PCI and PCI X at there website. I also have SATA 35' hard drive from OWC. I Connected it with Sonnet SATA PCI card and power cable. The 35' SATA hard will fit in old gray cases. I have my SATA hard drive in old gray cases.