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MD5: ef7f49dabde6a7b3eb353a778dfb4a95
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This software is still available for purchase
This app works with: Mini vMac

MapInfo Desktop Mapping Software, version 1.1.3

From the brochure:

"MapInfo for Macintosh links your data with maps, giving you the power to see new geographic information within your existing database. Any record that includes a location, street address, zip code, state, county, area code or census tract can be mapped with MapInfo for Macintosh. Enter a zip code and pinpoint it on the map, select a territory and analyze growth opportunities or type an address and see the location on the correct block and side of the street."

MapInfo for Macintosh comes with a map of the world plus a map of the entire United States with state boundaries and Zip code locations. You can update maps with easy-to-use drawing features, create your own maps or utilize the thousands of maps available through MapInfo Corp."

Read more about this software and publisher at

Architecture: 68k

Requires Mac OS 4.1 or later, minimum 1MB memory, hard drive. Tested and working on Mini vMac, a PowerBook 540c with Mac OS 7.1.1, and a PowerBook Pismo with Mac OS 9.2.2.


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by MCP - 2011, May 9 - 6:41pm

This one rode along with some other acquisitions of mine recently, and seemed unique enough to upload. Certainly for its time and market it would have been quality software.

Normally I like to scan the manuals into PDF format for my uploads, but 350+ pages for software that no one will likely use seemed a bit much to me, so I've included .jpg's of the package's contents, nothing more. Anyone who needs this kind of software would certainly be much better off buying the current product on current hardware.