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Make RAM Disk (Mac OS X 10.4+)

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For Mac OS X
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Make RAM Disk is an application that provides an easy way to create, format, and mount a RAM disk in one shot.

Not to be confused with the Classic program of exact same same (different program and different author).

Important usage note: "The settings window appears whenever you launch Make RAM Disk with the Option key held down."

Original website is still up:
You can also download the source code from it (the Garden wouldn't allow the extension, unless it is repackaged or compressed again).

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and up. Not known if Universal or PPC only.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2020, January 26 - 2:57pm

This program doesn't manage its own ramdisk, it makes calls to Tiger's new functionality, and could never work in OS X older than Tiger.

The thing is, it's so rottenly slow running. In the old days of floppy disk, the ramdisk was so fast relatively that you could speed test your floppy drives just by copying things to and from the floppy and ramdisk, and ignore or factor out the ramdisk in your speed calculations. For Tiger on the other hand, this program is too slow to speed gauge a SATA-I SSD that way. This program is even SLOWER than a SATA-II SSD on my MirrorDoor2003. She reads and writes SATA-II at around 205 MB/sec if I recall, whereas this tops out at 175 MB/s read and around 110 MB/s write. Tiger ramdisk drivers are bloatware. They probably do everything a real disk would and then additionally convert disk access over to a memory map.

Right now they're discussion on macrumors putting this kind of ramdisk in a multiple mount striped raid formation which would end up even slower, but maybe they're doing it for a ramdisk bigger than 2GB not for speed. I stopped using software raid a long time ago, it wasn't worth the hassle. Sure a pair of striped raid SSDs went a little faster, but AS they were being read/written the computer halted its other multitasking. One device moves in and out of the system smoothly with multitasking, while software raid interferes with multitasking during file transfer. And my SATA-II PCI-X card reads and writes a lot faster than this program, even SATA-I writes a bit faster.

turtlecroc's picture
by turtlecroc - 2020, January 12 - 7:35am

Good RAM disk app. I use it regularly. The only problem is, your RAMdisk's RAM can be swapped out to hard drive just like any other running app, which is obviously something that should never happen under any circumstances. That's a defect in OS X which will also happily swap a RAMdisk created in Terminal using diskutil. Still, this is a better app than Rambunctious. This is a Universal app.