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MacZephyr_1.3.4_Installer.hqx (465.49 KB)
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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS X
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For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS X
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MacZephyr is a Macintosh client for zephyr, a real-time messaging and notification protocol. Zephyr was used by e.g. MIT students, faculty, and staff for academic and personal communication with other zephyr users (including MacZephyr, zephyr on Athena, and WinZephyr).

It requires a zephyr infrastructure to run and there must be a zephyr server already set up - MacZephyr is a client only and a zephyr server that runs on Mac OS is not available.

1st download: MacZephyr 1.3.4 for Mac OS 8.x & 9.x
2nd download: MacZephyr 1.5.4 for Mac OS X 10.2.x and later

To use MacZephyr locally, you need to edit several of its resources. Templates for these resources are included in MacZephyr for easy editing. MacZephyr is distributed with the MIT defaults.

Zephyr Servers
MacZephyr first tries to use Hesiod, a system for locating the servers
a certain program needs, to look up the hostnames of the zephyr
servers. If your network supports Hesiod, edit the HSRV resources to
be the hostnames of your Hesiod servers.

If you do not use Hesiod, delete the HSRV resources to disable it.
MacZephyr will then look in the ZSRV resource for the hostname of the
zephyr server. Note that only one zephyr server's name can be entered;
if you have more than one, be careful which one you pick. You should
edit the ZSRV resource to an appropriate machine name as a backup anyway
(in case Hesiod fails for some reason).

Kerberos Servers
MacZephyr uses KClient to determine the Kerberos realm and the name of
the Kerberos servers to use. You cannot disable the use of Kerberos
in MacZephyr. (While there are resources for Kerberos servers in the
MacZephyr resource fork, they are ignored and not used.)

KClient 1.62 or later (the control panel version) provides a
reasonable interface for editing the Kerberos realm and server
information KClient uses.

Resource Reference
Here is a list of MacZephyr resources that you'll need to edit to use
MacZephyr at a non-MIT location, along with a brief description of
what they are:

HSRV - a list of Hesiod servers to use. To disable Hesiod, delete
these resources.

ZSRV - a default zephyr server; used as a fallback if HSRV resources
are not present or Hesiod lookup fails. Right now MacZephyr only
looks for one backup zephyr server, so if you have more than one
server, be careful which one you pick.

TSVL - list of time servers which one of the libraries that MacZephyr
depends on uses in some obscure way. You should update these, or MZ
may display incorrect timestamps in your messages.

(no longer used) KSVR - list of Kerberos servers (out of date;
MacZephyr now uses the servers listed in KClient, not its own internal

(no longer used) KRML - the name of the Kerberos realm to use (out of
date; MacZephyr now uses the realms listed in KClient, not its own
internal resources).

Architecture: PPC