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Macworld Variety - The Best of Educorp

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MD5: e3092c96b8155f6489d396771874dd2d
This app works with: Basilisk II,

This disk is from Macworld magazine from the year 1990. It features shareware titles by Educorp. Educorp was a distributor of Macintosh Public Domain/Shareware software and hardware located in San Diego, CA, USA.

The disk's contents are organized into three folders, Business, Games, and Utilities/Virus.

It includes 'Amortize' (2.1, 1987) and 'Checkbook Program' (Kaleidos Kache v1B2, 1989) under Business.

It includes 'Billard Parlour!' (1985), 'Klondike 3.6' (v3.6, 1984), 'Video Poker' (v2.0, 1988), and 'Cairo ShootOut' (v1.2, 1987) under Games.

It includes 'Disinfectant' (v1.8, 5/20/1990) and 'FileTree' (1987) under Utilities/Virus.

Disk copied with DiskCopy v4.2 and compressed with DropStuff v4.5 on a PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 180.

Architecture: 68k