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MacWorld 8405 May-June 1984

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Guides on emulating older applications

During the days when we were planning this magazine, a number of my publishing and computer colleagues asked me whether Macworld would be different from other computer journals. I never hesitated to respond affirmatively. Macworld could not help being influenced by the unique computing style of the Macintosh; it would certainly be "different."

To be honest, that response came more from my gut than from my head. I could sense the direction a Mac magazine should take, but I knew that any real publishing innovations would have to evolve as we made discoveries about the machine. We did, of course, sit down to create an editorial and graphic structure for Macworld, but our guiding principle was, "Stay open. See what ideas emerge from playing with the Mac."

Excerpt: from Editorial in Macworld, May/June issue, 1984


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