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MacUser Magazine Hyperdisk 1989 (HyperCard Toolbox)

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HYPERDISK_MacUser89.image_.sit (508.66 KB)
MD5: b7276891025acd73a74366fbc901d713
For System 6.x
Guides on emulating older applications

The disk contains two files, a hypercard stack titled 'HyperCard Toolbox' and a font suitcase titled 'MultiFont 14'

This 'MacUser Premium Disk' contains a bunch of HyperCard goodies, including: 135 buttons, 77 cursors, 30 digitized sounds, a custom font, a resource lister, and four advanced stacker utilities.

The HyperCard Toolbox stack has a created date of November 10, 1987, with a modified date of February 23, 1989.

This disk was copied with DiskCopy v4.2 and compressed with DropStuff v4.5 on a PowerComputing PowerCenter Pro 180.

Architecture: 68k

Runs faster in 256 colors mode when emulating, although still sluggish. Should run fine on actual 68k Macs.