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MD5: 24ee13a4ef738524d67f538d714abbe1
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

MacTools (aka MacTools Deluxe) is a suite of utilities and disk diagnostics software for the Macintosh, including CP DiskFix and Optimizer.

DL#1: MacTools 3.0a

DL#2: MacTools 2.0 on 800k floppies (as DiskCopy 4.2 images).

DL#3 is "MacTools 6.3", which was actually released in 1986. Early versions of MacTools carried a version number that matched their corresponding version of Copy II Mac, thus this version would be paired with Copy II Mac 6.3. This download has been put onto an MFS-formatted floppy disk image that boots into System 2.0.

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MacTools Pro

Architecture: 68k

Minimum system requirements: Mac Plus w/4MB RAM, System 6.0.5.

mrdav: "Below are some comments I prepared some time ago about version 2 (I have not tried version 3)":

At the time of release (1992) version 2.0 was in direct competition with Norton Utilities 2.0. MacTools runs on a Mac Plus or higher with SSW 6.0.5 or higher, including SSW 7. It seems to require 2 MB of RAM, even under System 6.0.5. The ReadMe refers to SSW 7.0, 7.0.1 and SSW 7 TuneUp 1.1.1 so version 2 of MacTools may not work perfectly with later versions of SSW 7. Indeed, I have found, for SSW 7.5.5 on a 68040 CPU with no additional extensions apart from those for MacTools, that I had to disable the CP Mirror Control Panel to avoid a severe freeze of the Mac (I had to turn the power off) when I tried to open an application. After removing the Mirror Control Panel, the MacTools applications seemed to run OK.


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by JDW - 2019, April 20 - 10:35am

Version 3.0a does NOT work under mini vMac using the Mac Plus version app or Mac II version app (newest as of April 2019). Here is a screenshot of the error dialog I get when I either try to boot off the emergency disk or double-click the installer after having booted mini vMac from another disk:

I have the same problem with version 2 as well, and here's its error dialog:

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by lilliputian - 2018, August 25 - 9:07pm

Review uploaded is from January 31, 1994 issue of InfoWorld. Apparently the initial release of version 3.0 was a little troublesome!

I assume the version 3.0a uploaded here likely mitigated some or all of those issues?

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by jkheiser - 2016, November 8 - 6:22pm

I added version 6.3, which came out in 1986. It's useful for file manipulation without the Finder.

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by mrdav - 2012, September 23 - 12:02pm

I have uploaded version 2 (800k floppy version). These are copies from original disks. Version 2 (800k and 1440k) is easily found elsewhere so I have refrained from uploading them here before... but now we have a page for MacTools.

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by MCP - 2012, September 23 - 5:22am

I've upload version 3 here. Other versions could be added to this page, should anyone have them.