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For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

MacTEP is a Microsoft BASIC script for the early Macintosh, written by Dennis Brothers, that functions as a terminal emulator.

From the BS Disk III "Notes" file:

MacTEP is a MS-BASIC terminal emulator for the Macintosh. It has the capability of uploading and downloading text files, and has a special download feature for downloading BASIC files. This version (1.81) has been re-written with some machine language to handle [baud] rates up to 9600 baud. It is written by Dennis Brothers 70065,172, of CompuServe MAUG.

Misc. Notes: You can send a command-C (which normally interrupts BASIC) to the mainframe or host computer by pressing the enter key (next to the space bar). A command-S will not stop the mainframe or host computer, but instead will stop BASIC -- if you are using CompuServe, use command-A. A command-L from keyboard, mainframe, or host will clear screen.

Also included with this download is a second BASIC script, Overlay, written by Loftus Becker, which can be used in conjunction with MacTEP for added functionality with the Hayes Smartmodem.

From the BS Disk III "Notes" file:

This overlay was written by Loftus Becker, and enhances MacTEP to be able to use the auto-dial functions of the Hayes Smartmodem and compatible modems, and some menu functions.

Note: if you are using a Hayes Smartmodem, switch 4 should be down else the Hayes modem may hang up BASIC.

MacTEP and Overlay were sourced from "BS Disk III", found in this collection.

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Architecture: 68k

Requires Microsoft Basic.