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MacSword_1-4-4.dmg (26.87 MB)
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For Mac OS X
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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Parsing and Study software for The Holy Bible. If you live in a country where persecution takes place, please consider obtaining your Bible translations non-electronically.

MacSword is the Macintosh build of the Sword project. The name Sword likely is a contraction of the phrase "Sacred word", but, its app icon is a literal sword and shield such as those used by the crusaders of old. Imagine the impression if any other particular religion adopted a weapon for its name and icon ... so we are free to alter this app's name and icon if we so choose (MacsWord?). In about 2012 MacSword has changed its name to "Eloquent".

This is MacSword v1.4.4 ~ the highest v1, built upon the Sword engine v1.5.11 and runs on OS X Tiger (minimum) and PowerPC (& Intel). Older versions are buggy and less supportive of the various Sword modules ; newer versions are bloated, more network-oriented, and no longer do Tiger. This version was originally supplied with zero modules but I've included in this download #1 some extras (icons/pdfs) and one module: the King James Version (KJV) which was found in the contents of MacSword v2.

Download #2 has 17 Bible modules compatible with this MacSword v1.4.4 ~ see the screenshot for its directory listing.

You can open multiple windows with this version, and you can open multiple translations in a single window. The example screenshot above shows the King James Version on the left, William Tyndale's olde Englyshe translation in the center column, and the Latin "Vulgate" on the right, each is correlated line-by-line. If you are experiencing trouble setting up, try quitting, erase all Application Support/ folders with Sword in their names, launch and quit again to create new support folders, move your modules to Application Support/Sword/ then launch again.

Obtain free some of the over 200 modules in over 50 languages from
Don't forget to use "https" not "http" which can only browse not download. Many older links to this site have just http.

I've included in the 2nd dL the Bible New and Old Testaments translated into "tlhIngam Hol" the Klingonese language (a la Star Trek). This could be funny, but its language has become fully formed no longer make-believe, and the Work is not a joke ("the Bible is not a toy") because it is a serious dry-run exercise as to how the Bible may be offered to an actual alien race with whom Contact might be made in the future.

Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

For OS X 10.4 Tiger minimum
works in Leopard too