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MD5: 82154fe56abecf74dfdbc2e5e903143a
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac II

MacSimion is a program for the numerical simulation of the motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields.

MacSimion consists of three subprograms. The first is the geometry sub-program, which allows one to construct an arrangement of up to 127 distinct electrodes, each with its own electrical potential.

The second "refine" subprogram takes as input the electrode arrangement defined in the geometry subprogram and by iterative application of Laplace's equation it solves for the electrical potential at all points in the two-dimensional array that represents the space in and about the electrodes.

The "trajectory" part of the program takes as input the results of the refine procedure, and along with data specifying the initial conditions of an ion, calculates the trajectory of that ion in the vicinity of the electrodes.

- Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol 111 No 19, 1989

Download contains disk image with a folder copy of MacSimion 2.0.

Architecture: 68k

Tested under System 7.5.5.