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macsense_31issues.sit (16.41 MB)
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This app works with: Basilisk II,

This archive contains 31 of the free downloadable editions of MacSense. Can anyone locate some more (or any full CD-ROM issues at all)?

One e-zine, MacSense, was written like a professional magazine from the beginning. In fact, there were many things it did better than even Macworld.
- About This Particular Macintosh

An outstanding electronic magazine that sets high standards for online publishing with its full set of wonderful graphics, useful information and practical tips about the Mac.
- 1995 MacUser/ZDI Shareware Awards (First Place, Electronic Publications category)

MacSense was launched c. late 1993 as a two-page zine catering to the Ottawa-area Mac community, and rose meteorically to become "Canada's Macintosh E-Zine" and then "The Macintosh E-Zine." A monthly expanded CD-ROM edition was available by subscription starting in February 1996. After MacSense folded with Volume 4 Issue 2 in 1997, founding publisher Chris McVeigh resurfaced as Editor at Large of MacHome Journal. He's also credited with art and design work for Bungie and Inside Mac Games.

See also: Inside Mac Games, MacUser

Architecture: 68k PPC


by psients - 2015, June 12 - 12:03am

I always loved reading the MacSense preview editions with Inside Mac Games, but I could never work up the nerve to ask my parents for a subscription because IMG was already so expensive. I'd really like to see more!

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2011, March 14 - 1:56am

I haven't D/L'd what you have up here (still on holiday and have limited bandwidth) but this web page has most of the 1996 issues in both BW & Color versions for that year, archived as .hqx for downloading. It also has MacSense Volume 4, Issue 1 (02/25/97) on this page, in .hqx format.

On both pages, scroll way down 'til you hit the first of the "File Name: mac-sense..." entries. There's a lot of stuff here & the site is difficult to navigate (a mess), there are other Mac eZines too if you can find them.