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MacroMind Director 2

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MacroMind_Director_2.sit (4.20 MB)
MD5: 5c4d301f1f8a05cb00027f15cd79590b
For System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

[...] I was working on some personal projects where I wanted to have interactive control of video disks, but I wanted to control them with Director. So I wrote an XObject to do it and made that work and Lingo just grew from there.

Most of the interactive programs for the Mac were being done in HyperCard, using HyperTalk for scripting. I wanted to bring that interactivity to Director. Where the focus of Director had originally been visual stuff, in Director 2 we wanted to add the capability to do interactive simulations for sales and training. And maybe some simple games. Lingo at that time was very simple, like integer arithmetic, small stuff.

We were competing with HyperCard and HyperTalk, but Director was more free-format than the card-based authoring. A lot of Lingo was modeled after HyperTalk... handlers, events targeted to objects, and a scripting system geared toward non-programmers. Accessibility is very important... being able to let non-programmers get a lot of control.


First they were going to ship a version of Director that was going to be called Director Interactive Toolkit, or something wacky, which was going to include [Lingo] and the XObject stuff but about a month before it shipped they changed their minds and decided that was a bad idea and decided to roll it into one product. That became Director 2.0. That really didn’t get any planning until the very end when the manuals needed to get put together. It was just me, Dan [Sadowski] and Al [McNeil.] At that point the company was so small it could only focus on one product at a time.

   - excerpt adapted from interviews of John Henry Thompson, as transcribed from his personal site.

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Architecture: 68k