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Macromedia Director MX 2004

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Director_MX_2004.cdr (474.44 MB)
MD5: 5278732e422eed94272815f7aa295b45
For Mac OS X
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dmx2004_101_update_en.dmg (39.41 MB)
MD5: 0a936681f141809b55ab3b6f884a3710
For Mac OS X
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dir_sw_player_update_en.dmg (19.37 MB)
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d10_xdk_mac.sit (6.98 MB)
MD5: 65ae030e9d59002dcd331a4ed7dd5331
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Director MX 2004 (10.x) was the last update to Director before Adobe acquired Macromedia. Unfortunately, this release was hit hard by layoffs and budget cuts as Macromedia was doubling down on Flash development and losing money.

Macromedia's last dedicated Mac developer on the Director team resigned before development of MX 2004 started. Coincidentally, this version is blacklisted from running in Snow Leopard, sharing company with a small number of apps including old anti virus software and hacks such as Unsanity Application Enhancer. The patches for this version are unusually difficult to apply, as though the remaining developers did not have the resources to use Installer VISE to create a patch on the Mac.

A few improvements did manage to slip through the hardships. In Director tradition, there are still new Goodies on the CD-ROM itself.

Write scripts in JavaScript as well as Lingo
Through some significant engineering, Director MX 2004 comes with the same JavaScript runtime as Fireworks, licensed from an early version of Mozilla. Pitched as an alternate syntax for scripting kind of like Swift and Objective-C for iOS development, you can write scripts for Director MX 2004 projects with JavaScript as well as Lingo. There are caveats, as this duopoly of scripting languages does make the scripting documentation harder to read, the JavaScript runtime is not nearly as efficient as Director's longstanding Lingo runtime, and there are some functions that will crash Director if used from JavaScript.

Flash MX 2004 and (Director 10.1 Shockwave update) Flash 8 support
"Performance of Flash content working within Director projects has been 'dramatically' improved, according to Macromedia." — Peter Cohen

DVD-Video playback
Much like LaserDisc playback controls were a part of the original HyperCard and Director in their black and white Mac years, Director MX 2004 lets you control playback of DVD video within a project.

Hybrid CD-ROM
For the first time, Director ships the Mac and Windows version on the same CD-ROM, without having to pay $1,199 for each version. Possibly the most welcome change in this release.

Director MX 2004 Serial Number: DRD100-50836-87264-59396

As the Macromedia activation servers have been offline since 2016, you will need to enter this serial number through telephone activation's "activate over the internet" screen.

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