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Macromedia Director 6.0

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macromedia-director-60.sit (34.81 MB)
MD5: 800f6421b9f35a9f23bb96448372a1f7
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
Director_6_CD.toast_.bin (405.80 MB)
MD5: 293a2dee76eb42fea54cb1cd9341cb09
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us
director6.0.2update.sea_.hqx (7.84 MB)
MD5: bffe594ef537c709f08c5a6b713901d4
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us (3.38 MB)
MD5: 7e92db1ef1ee4d1b8125a05ab263f1b6
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, QEMU

New Director 6 is (still) the most powerful authoring and production tool for multimedia and the internet, now with significant performance improvements and new features heavily inspired by its competitors; mFactory's short-lived mTropolis and the very first iteration of FutureSplash Animator, soon to be known as Macromedia Flash.

Please note that the top download is a not-for-resale version of Director 6, and as such any projectors that are made with it will display the "Made with Macromedia" logo when they are opened and closed.

Drag-and-drop behaviors
Director 6 features scriptless authoring for routine interactivity. Use the ready-made behaviors, or create your own with the Behavior inspector. According to longtime Macromedia artist Roger Jones, this feature was particularly inspired by mTropolis' drag-and-drop script object behaviors.

120 score channels and improved performance
You now have 120 channels at your command for sprite actions—and the increased performance to handle them all.

Unlimited cast members
Create a multimedia database that grows with your needs.

On-Stage path editing
View and edit animation paths directly on the Stage. Set up keyframes and let Director's automatic tweening finish the animation for you.

Streaming Shockwave
Create Web movies that can start playing immediately while subsequent frames continue to download in the background.

URLs everywhere
Director 6 is completely Web-savvy. You can specify a URL or other network location anywhere you can specify a filename—for example, when setting up linked media or linked casts.

Enhanced netLingo
Your Shockwave movies now have greater control over linked media and over playback while the movie is streaming. Through browser scripting, your Shockwave movie can even send events to and receive events from Web page controls.

Shocked CDs
Use Shockwave compression and streaming not only for Web movies but for projectors as well. Improve the playback performance of CD/DVD titles with Shockwave and streaming, or create hybrid CD/DVD titles that seamlessly combine disk-based and Web-based media.

Faster, leaner Shockwave
Shockwave is now 40% smaller, which means easier downloading for your customers and much quicker response after a web browser opens a page with your Shockwave movie.

See also: VideoWorks, VideoWorks II, MacroMind Director 1.0.1, MacroMind Director 2.0.1, MacroMind Director 3.0, Macromedia Director 3.1.x, Macromedia Director 4.0, Macromedia Director 5.0, Macromedia Director 6.5 Multimedia Studio, Macromedia Director MX (9.0), Macromedia Director MX 2004 (10.x), Adobe Director 11.5

Architecture: 68k PPC




systemseven's picture
by systemseven - 2018, September 6 - 1:37am


HomeStarRunnerTron's picture
by HomeStarRunnerTron - 2016, February 4 - 11:29am

Ryan-- great news-- it works in SheepShaver. It wouldn't open by opening the application itself, then on a whim, I decided to just open up a Director file, and then it opened up Director 6 perfectly, and ever since then, I've been able to open it up through the application file. I don't know if I could replicate it, but, uh, that's what I did! Proof:

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 26 - 10:40pm

Ironically, I tried another PowerPC-native application that was made with Director 6 and it worked just fine on SheepShaver. Must be this specific evaluation/not-for-resale version of Director 6 that has problems in SheepShaver. Quite odd, since I doubt there's any difference in the basecode between both the standard and evaluation versions of Director 6.

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 5 - 4:43am

Did a little more research and I believe it won't work on SheepShaver because of some unimplemented opcodes, I'm sad to say.

meeno's picture
by meeno - 2013, February 4 - 11:34pm

hi, good report
even I can't solve your problem (I run this program on imac G4)

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 3 - 5:31pm

Alrightie, managed to get Director 6 installed and working in BasiliskII. Dunno why it won't work in SheepShaver, unless it's an issue specific to Mac OS X users. Again, thanks a gazillion for uploading.

UPDATE: something really strange is happening...there's no sound in Director. QuickTime movies play with sound, though. Unless it's because I need to have SoundEdit 16 installed at the same time...

UPDATE 2: Installed SoundEdit 16 and Director 6 is still silent. Quite confusing, as Director 4 runs properly with sound...

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 3 - 7:36am

nope, updating to 7.6.1 still didn't fix the problem. Guess I'm off to download BasiliskII...

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 3 - 6:42am

Just one MAJOR problem I'm having: I'm trying to use Director 6 with SheepShaver emulating System 7.5.5, and whenever I try to launch either Director itself or a projector made with it, SheepShaver just crashes entirely (or, on one occasion, the program crashed with a type 10 error). It did accept the serial number, though. How did you get this to run? It installed just fine, the only thing I did was select custom installation and deselect the system extensions as I already had QuickTime 2.5 and Sound Manager 3.2.1 installed. Unless, this is probably because of the fact that SheepShaver was mainly designed to run OS 8 and 9. I'm considering updating to OS 7.6 to see if that solves the problem. Let me know what you think.

Ryan Alexander's picture
by Ryan Alexander - 2013, February 3 - 5:24am

Again, thanks a GAZILLION for uploading this. Really is great, since I only have the Windows version of Director 6.

Now, I'm hoping that someone can upload Director 5, and then I'll be all complete. Smile