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MD5: bb7d3af4e67bce5d710903eb8dd794c9
For System 1 - 5
Guides on emulating older applications

This modular bookkeeping software simulates a pegboard (or "one-write") accounting system, complete with simulated pegs down the left side of the screen. Cash Disbursements was released in June 1985, with Accounts Receivable and General Ledger following over the next year. A fourth announced module, Payroll, was apparently never completed.

Around the beginning of '87, Sierra president Ken Williams slashed the price of the three-module bundle from $245 to $89.95, having noticed that discount mail-order houses were "selling OneWrite for the same price we should have offered it all along." Over the next few months, mail order listings cut the price still further and then dropped the line altogether.

Versions: CD 2.2, AR 1.2, GL 1.1

Architecture: 68k