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Game screenshot
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MD5: 2243a73b06f68c179c777b377c60ef51
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

Full-screen digitized video... at 30 frames per second... on a Macintosh Plus?

Believe it.

I could always tell when Olivia was playing at our MacWorld booth. People would slam to a halt so fast they’d wrinkle the carpet in the aisle, and stand and stare until the next movie came on.

- Henry Spragens

Thanks to co-author Spragens for sharing this feat of assembly coding, and his clip collection, through his former site.

Version: 2.6

Architecture: 68k

The software is usable under System 6, although the Preview app can be made to snow crash by clicking Cancel. This does not occur under System 3.2.

In Mini vMac, set emulation speed to 1x (the slowest) and MacMovies speed to 1 (the fastest) for maximum awe.