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MacMath Professional 1

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MacMath_Pro_1.2.sit (275.25 KB)
MD5: b515b5e6fe452e3008abadecca8a0f9b
For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

MacMath Pro provides an intuitive interface that is consistent across all math functions. You can open up to 60 windows simultaneously. You can view a list of answers, and view any schedules you've created in the financial modules. You can also set your preferences, such as if the sound is on or off, the color of the text, the creator of text files, and others, and there aren't any external files to clutter up your disk !

MacMath Pro has the following mathematical modules:
• Calculator
• Perimeter
• Circumference
• Pythagorean Theorem
• Rectangle Area
• Parallelogram Area
• Rhombus Area
• Trapezoid Area
• Circle Area
• Circle Segment Area
• Triangle Area
• Polygon Area
• Prism Area
• Sphere Area
• Cone Area
• Cylinder Area
• Pyramid Area
• Prism Volume
• Sphere Volume
• Cone Volume
• Cylinder Volume
• Pyramid Volume
• Savings Finder
• Amortization
• Annuities
• Simple Interest
• Compound Interest
• Percent of Change
• Celsius and Fahrenheit
• Centimeters and Inches
• Meters and Feet
• Kilometers and Miles
• Square Meters and Acres
• Grams and Ounces
• Kilograms and Pounds
• Mililiters and Ounces
• Calories and Joules
• Kilowatts and Horsepower
• Liters and Quarts

The download is MacMath Pro 1.2.

See also: MacMath Professional 2.

Architecture: 68k

68000 processor and higher
Macintosh System 6.0.5 and higher
512 kB RAM
300 kB disk space


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by Kitchen2010 - 2015, August 26 - 3:19pm

I have added MacMath Pro 1.2 from MacsRUS's archive.