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MD5: d9fdb0513b17a69559b99147fd5d2afb
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
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MacLorem generates random filler text for artists, graphic designers, typesetters and others who need to generate mock-ups or spec art for clients, publishers or employers.

MacLorem goes beyond this simple task in many ways. From the Edit—>Preferences menu, you can control the number of paragraphs it generates up to 100, and you can indicate whether paragraphs should be long, medium or short. You can also decide whether MacLorem sometimes creates interrogative (?) and exclamatory (!) sentences. You can turn on or off options for additional punctuation including em-dashes, ellipses and semicolons. You can choose whether the paragraphs it generates should be indented. If you ask for indented paragraphs, you can have them indented with a series of spaces, a single tab character, or separate the paragraphs with an HTML p or br tag.

Going even further, the preferences settings allow you to generate text using vocabulary from twelve different languages:

• Lorem ipsum Latin
• an all-uppercase version called LOREM IPSVM
• Champagnois Old French (a language many medieval poets used)
• Old English
• Ancient Greek
• Etruscan
• an old, romanized form of Japanese
• Swahili
• Proto-Indo-European (the predecessor to most European and many Asian languages)
• Quenya (an “ancient” language invented by author J.R.R. Tolkien)
• Hawaiian
• Gibberish (entirely non-language text)

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized)

MacLorem is Carbonized for Mac OS X and greater, but will also run under OS 9. You'll need to have CarbonLib installed to run it under OS 9.