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MacFormat 52 (July 1997) Cover CD

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Cover CD of the most excellent MacFormat magazine from July 1997.
To really appreciate these CDs, use a 56K modem for a month.
The waiting, when 5K per second download was good, the phone bills, when you dialled up, and paid attention to the time because you paid by the minute.
Hard-drives had, maybe, a few GB (mine was 1.2GB, I think).

See also: Macintosh Garden's page of MacFormat cover CD's for 1997.

ISSUE 52 JULY 1997

This is the common CD, the July 1997 magazine also carried a bonus second CD (RedShift 1.2).

From the magazine, the disc contains ...

Architecture: 68k PPC


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by MikeTomTom - 2015, September 23 - 3:49am

@WhosIt.There: This page now only links to the full DL on that page. This page is still useful as a descriptive source (per CD).

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Yep, this will be a duplicate of the one uploaded on this page - I don't think both are needed, but it's up to the admins.

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Thanks soudesune. It is good to have details about specific CDs. I am going to continue with my uploads of the unsegmented CD images that you sent me a while back, with a single page for each year, because it will good to have a consolidated set of disc images as well.