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MacFormat 23 (April 1995)

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Guides on emulating older applications

This is the April 1995 issue of the U.K. mac magazine, MacFormat. The PDF was scanned on a Kyocera Taskalfa as a JPEG at the highest level. The images were manually corrected for straightness with the ruler tool and cut to the ratio 1:1.33 The images were then reduced by batch job in Photoshop CS3 to 1614x1200 at 72dpi. The PDF was made in Acrobat 8 from these images. The version was set to Acrobat 4, bookmarks were set and OCR was applied. The final size of the PDF is 103MB.

Change is apace as the 68K line-up is being replaced by the PowerPCs. The 110MHz version of the 8100 is now available and all high-end macs are still NuBus. Apple has taken the highly un-Apple-like move of allowing prices of many older Macs by up to 20%.

The Clone wars are in their infancy. Pioneer has announced two models and their intention is to place the machines at the heart of the home entertainment system. the MPC-GX1 is a 66MHz PPC601 machine and quad-speed CD-ROM while MPC-LX100 uses a 33MHz 68LC040. A LaserDisc player to work with thenew Mac clones is also expected.

In an ad for the PowerBook 500 series, readers are treated to a new technology: PCMCIA. It will allow replaceable cards (from the outside too!) for 14.4Kbps express modems and cellular interfaces for convenient wireless access to your office via the GSM network, when they become available.

The theme this month is the production of comics. There is a 8-page spread on and demos on the CD of Comic Book Confidential, The Complete Maus & ComicBase. There are reviews of KPT Bryce and an interview with Kai Krause as well.

There are a lot of reviews of titles:

Multimedia: The Complete Maus, The Mask, Comic Book Confidential, ComicBase, The Way Things Work
, Wild Blue Yonder

Graphic Apps: Freehand 5.0 vs. Illustrator 5.5
, xRes 1.0.4

Sound Apps: Jam Session & Super Studio Session

and Games: Marathon, Loony labyrinth, Wacky Races & Troubled Souls.

There is also an article on 3D, making HyperCard 2.2 stand-alone apps, in-ket & dye-sublimation printers, compression utilities, spreadsheets & APR and shareware.

The CD-ROM, inlay cover & booklet can be downloaded as an image here. The floppy image can be found here.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)


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Newly uploaded PDF of the April 1995.