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MacFormat 06 (Nov. 1993) Magazine

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Guides on emulating older applications

The year is 1993. The UK has had Macs for almost 10 years and Future Publishing are dipping their toes in the Mac market. If a family has a computer, then it's a BBC, Sinclair 48K or a Commodore they got some 10 years' earlier.

Few have PCs, let alone a Mac, but many, especially students, want one. There are macs in schools and especially in university. People working with numbers want Lotus 1-2-3 or MicroSoft Excel. The young people in the office are raving about them.

I learnt most of what I know about Macs from these magazines. They start with the assumption that everything is new. Basic concepts are explained. There is lots of new technology on the horizon. And like many new to DTP, they have gone wild with the layout. As one helpful article explains, 'ĺess is more'.

If you want a good idea of the consumer/small business environment within Apple were in the heyday before the Second Coming, MacFormat gives a good idea of what people knew, didn't know and could expect from these expensive and wonderful machines. PowerPCs were on their way and the Quadra reigned supreme.

There is no CD with this issue, instead a floppy. This can be found here:

The PDF was made with 1600x1200 pixel files. I ran a batch job on the images and shrunk each image down to 1600x1200 (ish) at 72 dpi, then ran the OCR. This PDF is only 63MB. This PDF should look well on your monitor.

I think that I also set the PDF version to Acrobat v4, but unless you have a beefy G4, I don't think that these will be usable on pre-G5 Macs.

If anyone with more experience with Acrobat and PDFs has advice on making the files better, please do let me know. Likewise, if the Admins are not happy with me taking up almost 500MB for one issue of one magazine, I'll be happy to jettison the JPEGs and larger PDF.

Architecture: PPC (Carbonized) x86 (Intel:Mac) x86 (Windows)

Modern machines, or, at least, machines made since 2006. The files are big.


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by soudesune - 2020, November 18 - 8:59pm

JPEG-collection removed.
PDFs put in as PDFs, rather than as ISO or ZIP-files.

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by Gera - 2020, June 8 - 1:14pm

Thank you for your job! Hope to see all 1993-2000 issues.

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by soudesune - 2019, October 16 - 9:26pm

Magazine newly scanned and uploaded!