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MacDrive 98

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MacDrive 98 Version 3.0: Access Read/Write, Macintosh HFS and HFS+ formatted discs and files on your Windows computer.

What's New in MacDrive 98 Version 3.0

  • MacDrive 98 can now access and format Mac OS Extended Format (commonly known as HFS Plus) volumes. Disks formatted using Mac OS Extended Format can only be accessed by Mac OS 8.1 and newer. This option is not available for 1.4MB floppies.
  • The appearance of the Format Mac Disk window has changed substantially. The new design is easier to use, and adds options for Mac OS Extended (HFS Plus) formatting, as well as Unformatting, which is recommended before PC-formatting a non-floppy Mac disk.
  • Under all versions of Windows, general performance of MacDrive 98, particularly when dealing with folders containing unusually large numbers of files, has been further improved.
  • The 2GB partition size limit under Windows 95 and Windows 98 has been eliminated — Mac volumes of any size are now accessible under all versions of Windows.

About MacDrive 98

When you wish to use a Mac format disk, you needn’t run any software to open or save files on a Mac format disk, you can just put it in and use it, any time. MacDrive 98 can share any and all types of files between Macintosh and Windows, but it does not interpret or modify data in any way. This means that you can share any type of data on Mac format disks, but you need to have both Windows and Mac OS software that can understand the files you intend to share.

Excerpt: from installed MacDrive 98 User Help file

See Also: MacDrive 2000, MacDrive 5, MacDrive 6

Architecture: x86 (Windows)

MacDrive 98 requires Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0, and can access nearly all types of media (Including HFS formatted USB media). A SCSI interface is required if you intend to share external SCSI drives between Windows and Mac OS by unplugging the drives from one computer and into the other.

MacDrive 98 can access Mac format high-density (1.44MB) floppies (but not low-density 800KB floppies) in a standard 1.44MB PC floppy drive.

You can also share removable media cartridges such as Zip disks regardless of how the drive is interfaced with your Windows system (e.g. you can share a cartridge between a SCSI Zip drive on your Mac OS system and a parallel-port Zip drive on your Windows system).

WARNING: MacDrive 98 v3.0 is INCOMPATIBLE with Windows XP and installing it on XP can be FATAL to your complete system. Do not install this on XP and newer Windows OS's. — See MacDrive 5 for XP compatibility.


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2020, June 30 - 10:10am

Great finding Mike!
So MacDrive 6 may be the one.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, June 29 - 11:22pm

I finally got a USB stick mounted (with MacDrive 5) as I did format it MBR/HFS+.

Yes, same here on XP, now. Still no luck tho' with USB HDD as yet. Maybe newer versions will improve on this ?

I also found the final updater for v5... Still no luck with USB HDD there.

Ironic, Windows coming to the rescue of old Mac softwares Tired

[Edit] I found an installable copy of MacDrive v7.0.10 via the IA. — It mounts HFS+ USB HDD on XP and later !!!
It does this very nicely, too.
Caveat: It requires online activation with a purchased serial # and until this is done it's only functional for 7 days.
(The known surfers # for this, has an ID and Auth code that is locked to its originating PC - won't work elsewhere.)

[Edit 2] I located a trial version of MacDrive 6... It mounts HFS+ USB HDD on Win98 and later !!!
Unfortunately, this one has no activation path, it's a trial copy only. We need the full installer for this one, assuming it doesn't require online activation like version 7.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2020, June 29 - 10:42am

Thanks MTT for that heap of investigation - and an even bigger thank-you to the uploader.
Once the obstacles are ironed out, MacDrive may become a live saver for old ATA Mac disks.
We have to face the fact that Apple has already dropped HFS+ support altogether, so Windows and third party apps will have to come for a rescue.

I finally got a USB stick mounted (with MacDrive 5) as I did format it MBR/HFS+.
Other partition maps did not work. MBR/HFS+ does not work for my 60GB pATA HDD, maybe the Cypress USB2ATA converter is the culprit.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, June 29 - 1:07am

How did you mount your Backup drive, Mike?

I didn't try a USB HDD, only USB Thumb drives, which I didn't find an issue with. Your post has spurred me on to test out WD and Toshiba 1TB HFS+ formatted HDD's and like you, found it won't see or mount these drives.
Perhaps of note too, I only have 98 on Virtual PC, but I don't know if this is of any significance, either.

One thing to note about Win98 and USB, it has extremely poor USB driver support. Several years back I needed to mount some thumb drive and couldn't find a driver for it that supported 98, until I stumbled across a generic driver that seemed to work with every USB thumb drive I had. This driver set came in an installer named "NUSB33E.EXE". The original site has gone, but fortunately the Web Archive has come to the rescue with this one. Their mirrored copy's checksums match what I had DL'd years back, so that's a good sign.

Here's the main page with further links to take you to either of the Win 98 or the Win 98SE download pages.

The Win 98SE downloads page - most likely you'll need this one (if you don't have these drivers).

You have to DL the driver specific to your 98 OS's language e.g.; German, etc. and you need to uninstall any 3rd party "brand name" USB driver that you may have installed previously. Instructions are on those WA pages.

This generic USB driver was also able to mount a 2TB Toshiba USB HDD for me, but only the FAT32 partition, On this drive I have it in FAT32, NTFS and HFS+ partitions. It's understandable that Win98 won't know about NTFS but disappointing that the HFS+ partition goes unnoticed by MacDrive 98, too.

A pity, but I see krausjxotv has now uploaded MacDrive 2000, which may solve this issue... [Edit] It hasn't. I also installed it on Win2K with the same result - no mounting of USB HDD's. Still I see krausjxotv (Big Thanks to K) also uploaded MacDrive 5
- I maybe able to get that onto actual hardware running XP this time without killing XP.

[Edit 2] MacDrive 5 works on XP - but there doesn't appear to be any HFS USB support, thumb or HDD - I may be missing something here as it mentions USB in it's options: "Hot-swappable USB and FireWire hard drives are typically discovered as soon as they are plugged into the appropriate port." - I'm still waiting for one to mount...

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2020, June 28 - 1:59pm

A nice addition for sure!
How did you mount your Backup drive, Mike? Just connected a USB pATA GPT/HFS+ HDD to my Toshiba notebook under Windows 98SE, but did not see the drive other than with the Windows disk management utility, where it is found as 112 GB partition with no drive letter.
Of course I did install the software beforehand, which you placed in the Install folder. Smile
Rescuing files from pATA Mac HDDs might be a great achievement, even if this was limited to W9X hosts.
Could it be GPT is the culprit, or 98SE, not specified by the requirements?

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, June 27 - 1:33am

@krausjxotv: Thanks for this interesting upload to the server. It also works well on Virtual PC running Windows 98. I was impressed to see it mount an HFS+ formatted USB stick (screenshots 4 & 5 above).

A note about your floppy image. You used Disk Copy 6 (compression format) to create the disk image. Which is OK for writing back to floppy, but only Disk Copy 6 (and maybe Disk Utility on OS X) would be able to either mount or write this image back to floppy media again. It would have been accessible to other systems if you had chosen a Disk Copy 6 (Read only format).

I converted your upload to a flat form disk image suitable for Windows and included the extracted install folder too, for easier access when installing this to Windows. I've added it as the 2nd DL, above.

The warning above, is because I did install this initially on XP... It proved fatal to the whole system and I needed to revert to a previous known working build of XP... I haven't since dared to try installing it onto Win 2K, etc... and decided that it might be prudent to stick with the advertised compatible Win versions, only.

Otherwise, it works as advertised and it's really nice to be able to easily access HFS/HFS+ media on those systems.