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Mac Pack Dreamcast

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MacPack4.sit (542.93 KB)
MD5: f8100a31c905d4746f8c7ad41e53a910
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

"Welcome to the DC Mac Pack version 4.0. The Mac Pack is essentially an all in one package for handling game and file related issues. It covers all areas possible from burning ISO, BIN and CDI images whether they be Non boot, Self boot or emulator related. Also covering in the same package is PPF file patching, dummy file adding, CDI Conversion, SFV Rar checking and LBA fixing." -from the "Mac Pack.html".

The Mac Pack Team also made an all-in-one guide to the Dreamcast's Serial cable.

Archive from, recompressed in .sit format for better compatibility with Mac OS 9.

For a more user-friendly, fully Mac OS X compatible alternative, see Mac Dream Tool.

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Conceived to work with Mac OS 9, it seems to be somewhat compatible with Mac OS X up to 10.4 using Classic, and even 10.5 to some extent (even though MacSFV 1.2 and "Cut Track" are 100% non-compatible).