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Mac OS 9 Early Light, Light and Dark Theme

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For Mac OS 9
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For Mac OS 9
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For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Early Light, Light and Dark wallpapers for Mac OS 9. It's not just the latest versions of Mac OS that can have morning, noon and night versions of their wallpapers Smile The original Mac OS 9 Appearance desktop photos can be used to (manually) create a different look according to the time in the day, when using OS 9. The Early Light, Light and Dark versions of the desktop just need to be dropped into the 'Photos', in the 'Desktop Pictures', 'Appearance' folder in the System folder (System Folder/Appearance/Desktop Pictures/Photos), then set using the 'Appearance' Control Panel, with the Mac OS Default theme 'underneath', then placing one of these pictures (using 'Fill Screen' in the picture settings) as the desktop, changing them throughout the day and evening. Note: only use these if you really want to spend time altering the desktop look of your OS 9 machine (or emulator) each day!
Compressed using Stuffit Deluxe 10, 'faster compression' setting, Mac OS X 10.4.11 'Tiger' on a PowerBook 'Pismo'

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Mac OS 9


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by galgot - 2019, June 3 - 5:57pm

Thanks ! Indeed the intego page is very complete.

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by adrianrmarsh - 2019, June 3 - 12:12pm

Thank you for your for your appreciation Smile The six, small grey dots in the Control Strip are Intego's NetBarrier ( VirusBarrier is the small globe in the Menu bar ( The small files icon in the Menu bar is Intego's Personal Backup ( The green tick is, I think, a grammar checker, but I can't remember where I found it. Intego's pages still have the piece about Mac OS 9 and using it here:, well worth a look.

galgot's picture
by galgot - 2019, June 3 - 10:14am

Thanks for these Smile Makes nice Desktop.
Hope not to bother you with my questions, what are the tools in your control panel with the six grey dots, and the green check mark ? Also what is that small globe and small folders next to the flag up on the menu , please ?