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Mac OS 8.1 for a Mac IIfx (or maybe just a 68030)

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IIfx_Mac_OS_8.1_volume.sit (18.78 MB)
MD5: b23b2cae35b098301192e1279e2692ce
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1
Guides on emulating older applications

It is possible to install Mac OS 8.1 onto a Mac IIfx and I have done so (it involved ResEdit).
The file above is a stuffed (v4) copy of my bootable Mac OS 8.1 volume.

I'd be happy if someone else would try to see if they can use it on their IIfx. Indeed, it may even work on other 68030 Macs. This I haven't tried yet. Mac OS 8.1 needs at least 16 MB RAM.

My IIfx doen't feel that much slower (in comparison to System 7.1) and I installed it so that I could access the HFS+ volumes on my B&W G3.

Architecture: 68k


soudesune's picture
by soudesune - 2015, December 5 - 1:59pm

Hi Mike,

Thank you very much for your improvements. I find it super that I can access a 300GB drive from my IIfx. I'll have to look up the ResEdit changes for the mac identifier. There is a shareware control panel that'll do it.

Kind regards,

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, December 5 - 2:02am

Hi soudesune, I don't have a IIfx, but the non JIT, Basilisk II build 142 for Windows can emulate this particular Mac. I have it running on a IIfx ROM and as a IIfx model Macintosh.

Your .iso boots up to it fine.

A couple of minor points;
• The .iso is tiny, barely containing the OS. But it's no problem as I only need to create a larger container and move the content over. <-- Done. Moved into 1GB image. Nice.
• It didn't have Sound or Monitor Control Panels installed. <-- Just noticed, they were loose in the System Folder, so just needed to move to CP folder and restart.
• The keyboard mapping was set to German/Swiss (I think) I wondered why some of the keys were not where I expected. <-- sorted it out OK.

The Control Panels folder also contains the '040 Cache Switch. It probably won't need this.

It doesn't need the added "I Wish I was..." INITs. - Your ResEdit hacks to the System allow it to run as is without them. Well, BII build 142 doesn't have a problem without them, anyhow.

All in all; Pretty neat. Thanks.

p.s. Perhaps its possible to hack the Apple System Profiler, too? It won't run on this particular Mac model.

[Edit] Added pic of it running (2nd screenshot). It's also has on board the "Mac Identifier" CP. This swaps out the "Mac OS computer" pic in "About This Computer" dialog with actual computer name (like in earlier Mac OS versions).