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Mac OS 7.6 (Umax SuperMac series) (Japanese)

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UMAXSystemCD_JP.ZIP (142.51 MB)
MD5: a2a6857738c1155c97b20d1d1b0ff669
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver,

This is the original install CD for the Umax SuperMac clones series- It contains a full Macintosh System install of Mac OS 7.6 in Japanese.

Top download above contains a zip compressed .toast image
MD5 Checksum: A2A6857738C1155C97B20D1D1B0FF669 *UMAXSystemCD_JP.ZIP

Additional Software Included on the CD:

The "UMAX Extras" folder contains utilities and applications that bundled and pre-installed with SuperMac, which is Micromat's TechTool Pro and Clockometer 1.9. You will also find FWB's "Hard Disk Toolkit Personal Edition" and "CD-ROM Toolkit".

Also included is the user guides for TechTool Pro, Hard Disk Toolkit and CD-ROM Toolkit (PDFs).

The rest of them resembles the retail KanjiTalk 7.6 installer.

Architecture: PPC