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Mac Hack

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mac-hack-2001.sit (76.82 MB)
MD5: 6c06d8173d137e9f9258e269a30bac81
For Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

MacHack was a developers conference with a twist, it was all about the coolest hacks and focused on the Mac. A lot of neat software came out of these conferences.

MD5 checksum: 6c06d8173d137e9f9258e269a30bac81 *mac-hack-2001.sit

The first archive contains the Papers, Sessions, and Hacks from Mac Hack 2001. I believe it to be exactly what is on the CD, but I don't have the original CD. It has software and source for Mac OS 9 and extremely early Mac OS X systems, but most of the Carbonized software fails to run under Mac OS X Snow Leopard (however, a notable exception is a Mac OS X version of from NotEnoughSecrets)

You may be able to buy the 2002/2003 conference CDs from

If there are any exceptional hacks/programs in the archive, do comment. Do check out the Secret About Box under The Hacks->NotEnoughSecrets!

I would highly expect many of these hacks to not run well under SheepShaver/Basilisk or under later Mac OS X operating systems. Many of the RealBasic Carbon apps fail to launch under Mac OS X 10.6

See also: here on the Internet archive for Mac Hack disc images of CDs from 1993 through to 2005 (inclusive), including one from Mac Hack 2001, the hacks from which are uploaded here. The 1997 disc contains some materials from previous Mac Hack events back to 1993.

Architecture: PPC


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by mrdav - 2018, October 2 - 12:26pm

Added the link to Mac Hack CD images on the Internet Archive. The link was provided by systemseven in a related forum topic.

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by rob_1 - 2014, April 12 - 4:17am

Ok I saw it on the forum when I came back I'm glad that MG will be able to host their files now.

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by mrdav - 2014, April 12 - 2:16am

We are told that files are being moved to a new server, so I expect the link will work again soon.

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by rob_1 - 2014, April 12 - 1:48am

Sorry to say guys but the link isn't working. I was really interested in this but the site throws up a "Page not found" error