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Assimilation Process, later Assimilation Inc., was founded by Apple alumni Lauryn Jones and Diana Hunter. Their debut product fit their slogan: "If Apple doesn't do it and users want it, Assimilation Process will produce it."

"Nobody wants to go up against Steve Jobs — now don't get me wrong, I think he's a really intelligent guy — but he was convinced that dot-matrix printers were the only way to go," says Jones. "In the first few months after release last year, as Apple's printer marketing reps, we must have talked to hundreds of people, and they all seemed to want a letter-quality printer.

"We were lucky. We knew that Owen Densmore, writer of the ImageWriter software, or 'drivers,' for Apple, had written one, so it could be done. And we were good friends with Randy Wigginton, Ed Ruder, and Don Breuner [who were the team of authors on MacWrite]. They realized how valuable it could be, too. So, they helped with the programming.

"Add a pin assignment chart for the cable from one of the engineers — we hardwired the cables ourselves at first until we could afford to have them done outside — and we were almost in business."


Orders started flooding the company's office. Its first software program sold for only $99 and supports more than 20 types of daisy-wheel printers. Eventually competition arrived, but Assimilation was first on the market by four to six weeks.

The two founders claim their line of low-cost software is selling at a rate of about 300 copies each week.

- InfoWorld, April 22, 1985

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