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For Mac OS X
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An excellent free CD/DVD burning tool for Mac OS X Tiger and newer. It makes perfect .ISO images of Mac software CD's including hybrid HFS/ISO9660 media. It can also create Bin/Cue images of mixed media CD's.

Very easy to use interface. When creating .ISO images, insert CD to copy, launch LiquidCD and click the "Others" button. Click the small icon in lower left corner and choose "Save as Disk Image", then give your disk image a suitable name and choose "Format: ISO Disc Image" and click "Save" (Screenshots 4 to 6, above).

LiquidCD has support / partial support for the following disc image formats: anything natively supported by MacOS (iso, dmg, ...), cue/bin, ccd/img, toc, nrg, cdi, mdf/mds, b6t/b6i, daa, gbi. Experimental support for .c2d and .cif.

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(dates are

About LiquidCD 2.08 (13.11.10)

  1. Added basic support for mdf/mds, daa, gbi and b6i/b6t files.
  2. The following formats may also work (experimental): c2d and ci
  3. Fixes a bug with the erase panel
  4. Fixes a bug with the burn verification
  5. Fixes a bug with the Info window

About LiquidCD 2.07 (07.11.10)

  1. The .cue parser is tolerant to Windows paths
  2. The .cue parser looks at the file's path extension if no type is found
  3. Fixes a problem with the postgap tag in .cue files
  4. .loxi files now save the MCN and ISRC values
  5. Better CD and DVD layout detection
  6. cue/bin disk images now also save basic cdtext info
  7. Not yet ready for Blu-Ray disc duplication, still working on it
  8. Still no support for multiborder or multizone DVDs. But I have yet to find one.

About LiquidCD 2.06 (09.10.10)

  1. Fixes a bug where pc-only files wouldn't show on hybrid discs.
  2. The "done" sound now also plays when the burner is done erasing a disc.
  3. Fixes a potential crash when the burn is finished.
  4. New set of icons (thanks Susumu Yoshida !)
  5. Fixes cue sheets with incorrect index points (bug id 26)
  6. Inclusion parameters are preserved when saving a project (bug id 23)
  7. Cue files with quotes inside the title, performer,... are now accepted
  8. Single session CDs are now properly detected.

About LiquidCD 2.05 (09.05.10)

  1. Better German localization.
  2. Quick fix of a bug that can make LiquidCD crash at launch when some specific disks are mounted.
  3. Better stability.

About LiquidCD 2.04 (18.04.10)

  1. Password protected disk images are supported
  2. Performer, ISRC and MCN tags in cue files now work as intended
  3. Audio panel: the info panel doesn't open when a track is double-rightclicked
  4. Added Danish localization (Thank you Toke Riis Ebbesen !)
  5. Fixes a crash when the hard drive's free space is insufficient
  6. Fixes a problem when two identical burners are connected
  7. Fixes a problem where an incorrect number of track were saved to a disk image
  8. Best device is automatically picked at burn time
  9. Fixes a bug where a pregap of 0s would default to 2s when reading from a LiquidCD file
  10. Fixes the Multi Burn, it doesn't say the device is busy anymore

About LiquidCD 2.03 (20.12.09)

  1. Fixes a crash of the media browser
  2. Better Spanish localization
  3. Cue/bin with no pregap now default to zero seconds instead of two seconds.

About LiquidCD 2.02 (18.10.09)

  1. Brings Leopard compatibility back. Something with the zip archive, not sure what it was.

About LiquidCD 2.01 (17.10.09)

  1. Iso disk images can be burned even if detected as corrupted (should solve the Wii backup problem).
  2. Dreamcast disk images are still not burning properly. Working on it...
  3. Added basic support for the .ccd/.img disk image format (including the .sub file if available).
  4. The delete key can be used to remove items
  5. Added a preference to play a sound when the burn is completed
  6. Files in the Data tab are now automatically sorted by name
  7. The Media Browser also shows the album name of a track
  8. Added experimental layout editor. For experienced users only. Hold the Option key at burn time to show it.
  9. Temporary items are properly removed.
  10. The disc icon is also displayed on Windows.
  11. Dropped audio files are now sorted by name.
  12. Added support for drag and drop on the app's dock icon.
  13. Better French localization.
  14. Fixes some small memory leaks.
  15. Video DVDs accept the JACKET_P folder.
  16. The system's dvd player is now used to play video dvds.
  17. QuickLook on items also works with Snow Leopard.
  18. The open/close/eject button works properly in the burn panel.
  19. Fixes a crash of the "Disk" menu.
  20. Fixes a crash introduced with Snow Leopard when dragging audio tracks in the Audio panel.
  21. Better looking transition when dragging items in the Audio panel.


Architecture: PPC x86 (Intel:Mac)

Version 2.08 is Universal, requiring Mac OS 10.5 and newer, PPC and Intel Mac. Guaranteed working fully in Leopard and Snow Leopard. Untested (by me) in Lion or newer but reportedly unstable on Lion and Mountain Lion.

Version 1.33 is Universal, requiring Mac OS 10.4 and newer, PPC and Intel Mac.


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2020, April 14 - 6:55pm

As I have a pile of almost useless CMC blanks, I gave LiquidCD a go with Mojave.
MacOS 8.6 seemed to be burned without issues. I´ll try to boot from the CD-R later to see whether I that works. Needless to say, the app won´t work with Catalina - the 32bit killer. Wink

Why are "recent" CMC blanks almost useless, you may ask. The reason is that the polycarbonate is only 1.1mm thick and even worse, you can easily see through the CD-R. This tells me that the reflective layer is mediocre and read errors from this CDs are a must. No working audio CD can be made from these blanks. Sad

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2019, December 25 - 9:14am

Error Correction is Pretty Poor. Just tried several working disks and none of them read correctly, despite being on a very new Superdrive.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2019, December 25 - 7:45am

This seems like a very awesome app. But I have a question: for BIN/CUE images, does it allow the creation of 1 BIN file per track? I.e.: an audio CD with 5 tracks will yield 1 CUE file and 5 BIN files?

I really am looking for a feature like this, be it under Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD or whatever. Even MorphOS if it can't be helped.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2017, October 2 - 10:53pm

The app is still working with 10.12.6 macOS Sierra

Very nice to know. I hope that you can test it further, 24bit.

The author has claimed it's guaranteed working fine for 10.5 & 10.6 but that there are bugs (that I haven't struck as yet) and will likely need a complete re-write for Lion. - Which never eventuated as far as I know. The author also said later that he was losing interest in developing for Mac OS...

Version 2.08 was the final (2010) release and seems quite stable, earlier 2.x versions are still available from the Wayback Machine, but as 2.08 is a bug fix for the entire 2.x series I didn't add them to the page. They could be included later for historical reasons [Done]. True abandonware.

The Tiger compatible 1.33 version here was the only 1.x release that I could see.

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2017, October 2 - 10:24pm

Nice finding!
The 2.0.8 seems to be still working with 10.12.6 macOS Sierra, the author added this warning on his site however:

LiquidCD is a free burning Application for Mac OS X (10.5 or better. Not 100% ready for Lion.).
WARNING: extremely unstable on Lion and Mountain Lion